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funky_house 26 March 2010 4:55PM

Surely it would be more discreet if she sat in the aisle seat, and he sat in the window seat.

And how to get across the person in the middle seat? ;)

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talking about airlines and sex??

I worked 25 years for an airline, so please listen.

Working for an airline (at least in Europe) is the most sexy job there is.

We had sex on the copy machine, between the trolleys of first class catering, everywhere.

And the crew?? They SCREW!!

if the are in the outstation ( so away from home) they sleep in a hotel , 6to 10 women with the pilot and copilot, and of course "accidents" happen all the time.

All pilots are divorced at least once :P

another story I have to tell: we had one pilot that did not have a drivers licence :P

he was very young and concentrated on his pilot licence

ok enough now

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