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Just a short news.



 What will you act after you get caught that you did something naughty with your bf in .......?    Lets share the idea how to act.     Froggie in somewhere.


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Break of dawning. it did not happen in room.

Kingling : I will

Gomer : It was not in Sizzler.

Stu: I will use small plate lol.. but it doesn't involved with this topic.

Dr. Sassy : Hmm good idea. but I couldn't pretend to be drunk when had no drink.

So more hint

The place is publish. and a First capital is E..

Have fun with your imagine and guessing this topic.

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i do it in plubic place if me gf is ok with it ;) i do it any place any time any where ;) and i do hold hands and kiss my gf in plubic, if ppl look i just tell them to mind there own busness =]

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Froggie...the Emporium theatre is NOT for that...even in the dark...! As you now know, the ushers have flashlights...hehe... :P


re Off Topic - g0mer - hmmm from what I know of Stu, he is quite random, so I am not surprised!

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Thanks for everyone comments.

SExie: you are right. The correct answer is Elevator.

Greezyghee : Ya I agree. I did something there also :OL but why you think of that place .... have you done something there before? lol

Copiwai: Ya again. OOOP froggie did it again.

Funkyhouse: NO CCTV Camera but it was worse than that.

Kungnoi : In.. Where ...

Gomer and John12492002 : :)

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