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here is a few more details.

the job is waitess. work at our bar on the beach. our bar not kind of the bar in pattaya. no girl like a partner.

the details in below,

salary : the salary is 6000-7000 thb depend on how work hard you are.

room : we have the fan room closed to the beach for the staff. but you have to share with 1 staff in the room.

food : you take care youself . we got a small kitchen here. so you can make your own food for save money. because for the normal food such as fried rice. it will cost you around 40 thb.

tip : share with everybody. now we got 3 staffs already. normally in the high season. we got a good tips.

working hour : start around noon till we closed (the closed time depend on how busy we are. normally around 1 am but if busy might be around 3 or 4 but not everyday). you will get a break time around 2-3 hr in the middle of the day as well.

i think you will get amost 10000 thb a month

if you dont care much about money. i think it will fine to work and enjoy the time here.

by the way,if you think you are interesting in this job. i got a fews question.

1. are you thai ?

2. can you speak english? (for communication) I dont care about grammar and how good you are, only you can communicate. it will be good enough.

3. how old are you?

4. where do you live?

5. what do you do? looking for a job? or waiting for a job somewhere?

6. how long you think you can work here?

7. can you send the pic of you to me please?

8. when you can start work?

hope to hear from you soon


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