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Hi BB! I didn't know about Anja's bday!!!I wasn't invited!waaaaaaaahuhuhuhu! ANyways, can u help me post the slide on TF journal?I tried it many times, but after saving, the slide is nowhere to be found!Gone with the wind!:(

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oh! the bday girl is Anya...she also has profile of tf...

check her out ---> www.thailandfriends.com/AnyaW

by the way, no bday cake just had only Jack (Danial) and Johny (walker) ha ha ha...mao mak

to babyoiy : the chinese look girl in black top must be Kathy she is taiwanese :)

To Mira : i think Anya sent invitation via facebook event na ka and it also took my long time before i found out how to put slide show on journal lol...i am low-tech girl and for your last question...the cute farang beside her is Duane...Prang's friend...he is thai boxer but he is just 21...mira yak kin dek mai? lolzz

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»ÒÃìµÕéʹءʹҹ ¶Ö§äÃèÃÙé¨Ñ¡à¨éҢçÇѹà¡Ô´áµè¡çÃÂÒ¡ä»ÃèÇÃá¨à 5555

Happy birthday ja beautiful girl. ^^

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