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you call me "frankenstein" because you've the creative ability of turnip. (my appologies to turnips everywhere)

you really don't get it, do you? you want people who have a problem with you to write you a pm...and yet...you've written countless journals complaining about this person or another.

I realize trying to convince you that you are an idiot is a fruitless endeavor, and that using words like "endeavor" will probably be over your head, but i just can't resist. you're an idiot.

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I give up....i'll let afook and his gf r.win finish things off.....

this concludes my one hour of on-line activity for this month

pssst....if afook figures out he's an idiot, send me a PM...i wouldn't want anything personal to be aired out in a journal.

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No its just that there are a lot more pens and keyboards than swords...and more pens than keyboards, but you don't get as much RSI from a keyboard as a pen - if you do it right - and it's easier to read...

Getting back to the topic...um...oh...never mind...


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Posted by wildman [ 24 January 2008 | 8:19AM ]

The keyboard is mightier than the pen or the sword.....or so it appears.."

possibly but in a dark alley i'd prefer a sword. if i'm stuck with a pen i hope its' a sturdy ball point with a metal casing, like the kind they give people who retire.

and today's version of the "pen" from the original quote is the keyboard. for all intents and purposes the pen IS the keyboard. except in a dark alley.

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