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Dear Subject of my journal,

I have to go work now, and cannot keep tabs on replies. As such, I would like to put you out your misery and let you in on a little secret. Yes, this about you. You can stop sitting there with that stupid expression on your face, scratching your head, and waiting for someone to mention you by name. It is, in fact, about you.

Ya numbnut.

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At times I think it would be a beautiful thing to go through life so naive... but then you think about the hard realisation that will eventually dawn!

Poor bastard!

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I am now even more convinced that hes lost his marbles, he deleted my non negative comment from his profile and is now sending me PMs .........I think Im gonna have to ban him from my mail box, yahoooooooooo!!!!

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Posted by afook06 [ 23 August 2007 | 8:58PM ]

Macca: Age has nothing to do with this issue......if we are equal, then let it be.....if you wish to post a journal, than be prepared to take all the comments, and critizism that goes along with it.....whether you are a guy or lady.......all of you senior TF members have taught me that right from the beginning, when I was a newbie....

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