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never hear that b4 from john denver, but that's exactly what i mean........when in the relationship, you don't hear sorry too often, until it's in the past........and it's too late.

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i'm not here for a grammar/spelling test...........i guess i'll probablly get another yellow card because of my error?

damien: it sounded okay to me until prof somtam spilled the beans......lol

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well...i say sorry...

but what really matters..is how you act it and make others believe it...saying sorry doesnt make any different if you dont want to change

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"Posted by i_love_som_tam [ 6 April 2008 | 3:47PM ]

you keep forgetting eddie... i am in phuket... i am the patong mafia"

but the Bangers mafia still expects their taste of the action, capeche?

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