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This is an amazing clip...



... What do you think? I bet some of you had a tear in your eye! My dog Leo used to jump up at me, mind you he's not a REAL lion like Christian..!

Check out some more info here


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hehe i have seen that one before! that is sooo nice how he hug him! so lovely!

I want baby lion too hehehe, but my little leopards dont want baby lion i guess :P

The guy was murdered, really???? thats horrible, i really hate those people so much who value money over everyones life.

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I watched the video and thought it was fake.

No way could a lion be reintroduced to the wild.

No way he'd become leader of a pride.

And definitely no way he'd come back with his 'wife' and remember them after so long.....

....So I checked it out and found it's all TRUE. Heart-warming story and great video.


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MN> Not sure the guy was murdered...

Yeah it's all true, my sister told me about the video so I checked it out too, turns out about 30million people have already seen it lol, it's one of the most popular video's on the net!

I did see a pic of the lion a few years after this video and Christian is about twice the size, his head is the same size as a mans torso, I'm not kiddin...

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