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Hey folks, the song was written by the Maná mexican rock band... especifically by Fher who is the lead singer and Alex the drummer who is cuban and happens to be a singer too, both of these guys are in the video... Alex is a very very good drummer and musician. For this occasion they joined Santana and wrote & produced the song for him in one of his albums, then later it won an award in the Latin Grammy (2000).

Maná has been around for some 15 years or so, and they are extremely famous in the spanish speaking world, in Latin America from Mexico down to Argentina and even in Spain as well. They are also way popular in some US states where latin communities are in big numbers as California, Texas, Florida, etc...

And now that you brought up this guitar hero subject, why don't pay some tribute to probably the most influential guitar player of all time. Mr. Eddie Van Halen... just turn it up and enjoy...

Live from Japan in 1989...


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I just noticed this forum text does not accept tilde over the vowels (A, E, I, O, U).. So the correct mexican band name is "Mana", not that strange word thing that you see in my previous post haha... is just that the last vowel A should has a tilde in correct spanish form.

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