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Thx for sharing good indeed ..it's would be nice if this animations inspired Starbucks Coffee Company to discount my favorite Coffee Jelly menu ..perhaps i can drink more than 1 time a day... lol

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Never seen admin so worked up before. Anyone volunteers to switch his roast to decaf? Anyone dare?

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LOL. When I first started working, at a law firm in Caracas, Venezuela, of all places, we had free Cuban-style thick and sweet espresso that would be brought to us by a 1.37 meter tall Colombian Indian woman pushing a trolley that was taller than her. It was completely feasible to have six to nine cups of coffee every day, six days a week. After seven months of this regimen, one morning in the shower I reached out for my towel and came to the realization that the coffee was giving me the "shakes" to such an extreme that I had a difficult time actually grabbing my towel...

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It's funny, but all of the high grade Thai coffee is exported, and all of starbucks coffee comes from Africa. There is no high grade arabicas coffee available to the Thailand consumer, yet Thailand produces some excellent high grade coffee.

I was the first person to import it into the USA. 2 tons of raw beans that I had roasted, and sold at $10 a pound wholesale, and $20 a pound retail. It was the start of a good business, until the economy went to ****.

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