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I hope to see more places later this weekend. We are going to York, although the forecast says it's gonna rain, I still hope to get some cool photos from there. If u love architecture, then I think Europe is a great place to visit and take many photos of. But I think the need a central website for information on various attractions they have in this country, like Thailand has www.tourismthailand.org. I might not know about it, if u do, please enlighten me.

I'm getting used to the UK better now, and lowering my expectation for things. I went to the US many years ago and everything seems to be so convenient, over there. I might not find exactly that I wanted but there will be something that can substitute for what I needed. Maybe because I am in a smaller city as well, which makes it difficult to find what I want, or if I manage to, then there will be less variety, and I normally just have to settle for whatever available without any other choice.

I hope my trip to London in the next two weeks will make me like the UK more.

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You will love York - if the weather not too bad, take a walk round the walls. There is an amazing street called 'Shambles' - guarantee will be the narrowest street you ever walk down!! York Minster blows Lincoln Cathedral away too.

There is an amazing shop called 'Past Images' http://pastimages.yorkwebsites.co.uk/ You just have to get a pic taken there as a souvenir!!! And an amazing fudge shop!!

Here are some handy sites;


and in case you can persuade bf to bring you further North,


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you will have no chance trying your luck with the english gents, they havnt got a pot to piss in after this financial crisis, better try your luck with another country, one that doesnt mind dumb ladies like you, who need a sugar daddy

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