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If you love someone on internet.............What should you do?



If you love someone on internet and to be so far.What should you do?

please let me know..............


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Well....I have been there before so All i can say is You have to step out of the Virtual world and meet in real.there s many ways you can fix about the distance but theres only one way to go on the next level together but the first thing you have to do is "Meet in real"so that you can decide if its the LOVE or just some FAKE CRUSH feeling over the net!!!!

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i agree with cs3602001

#1 is highly advisable. however, do not attempt #2 if you have a notebook computer or a flat panel monitor as you may damage the machine.

seriously? try to meet for real, and seamistblue is exactly right--be patient, don't rush. this also applies wherever you meeet someone , real life as well as internet. many people fall in love too fast and dont really know the person, then it ends badly. so be careful, take your time, and enjoy it.

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Its lovly.. look at me for an Example.. now me and ma honey going to meet in person.. i think its more than the real love.. understanding.. and lot things around to get this way~

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1) try to get to know him so well first

2) better meet him in person.. for real.. know how he is really like in real life.. word can tempt us u know..

3) then see if he feels the same way .. if so, have some discussion with him.. maybe u can move with him..

4) dont forget to let know how its going LOL

take care jaa

x May x

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Music is exactly right. A lot of men here are going to be strongly advocating the wait and see p.o.v., mainly because it is in THEIR best interest to have a woman wait for them to visit. Music says to use the internet as a filtering too, which is both insightful and an accurate way of describing it.

I would add to his idea the following: look at the person as if they were right there. Do they have both good habits and bad habits, just like a real person? Do they write emails or just chat and IM - someone who doesn't have the wherewithall to take the time to write at the very least emails (it should be normal snail mail) is quite likely not considering you a long-term effort. If they say they don't have time to write letters, consider how easy it is to actually write a letter versus maintaining a relationship. They are likely full of hot, smelly air and pretty words, like Filurina suggests.

The main point is that you have to take a moment to think about what sort of person this guy really is - and not just who he says he is. If he doesn't seem to have bad habits, he is hiding them too well, and chances are, those bad habits are very, very bad, indeed. He's not there, so he needs to work extra hard to be attentive and involved in your life (you do for him too, but we aren't talking about that right now) because he isn't there, but is asking you to develop feelings for him.

When he gets there, use your TRUSTED friends (and not someone who pretends to be a detective) to see how he acts. Spend time with him, but also, see how he acts when you aren't around. Does he chack out other women or chat them up? If so, that's a pretty big warning sign. For him, the world should revolve around you and him, period.

Enough advice to beginwith, I think...


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