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By the word " Doesn't work" , you meant you did put a pic but you got no attention? got not msg? no testimonial? no vote? hmmm...

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5555+ I pay all the expenses for my pics so they don't have to work for me.

Hope your pic works for you.

5555+ Do you not know that you can manage your picture?

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Just click:

-> My Profile

-> Manage my Pictures

-> My picture settings

-> People who can view my photo Album

-> choose the option you want

Then it should work - Good luck!

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@ kaunitz : With appreciate (L)

@ Rob : Yo yO !! I am like a star ... Sometimes u dont c me but I never disappeared ;-) ps. Super Star .. yeah 555+

@ DANNO : Santa Rob is coming to Thailand in December ;-)

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lol i use my brain but you

have a pic trouble? why don't tell your mommy every time you can't get a good **** outa ur brain?

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