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The TF event tonight



So, is anyone planning on going to the TF tonight (today? - 01.39pm)?

'Cause if not, I guess I'll be hanging out at Soi Cowboy by myself.


That'll be a hoot.


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Ciaran, Cherie and I can't find anyone going or who knows where it is.

Cheap Charlies is closed and Dr Lovelife's Dad is sick...

I'm out and about. If someone finds anything out, let me know...

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Sorry to the doc about his father, but it seems as though this event was never going to happen anyway. I hope I'm wrong as it's pretty rude to set something like this up with no intentions of following through.

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Indeed. I walked up and down soi cowoby at 4:30 looking for the party - none to be had. Cheap Charlies - closed. I even checked the "40 baht beer english teacher hangout" at Nana Plaza 2nd floor - no one.

Also, Inamamamaorato did not respond to two SMS messages, even though he was signed up for the event.

Piss-poor planning on the part of 'drlovelife8'.

As Jappy says: "rude" that he didn't cancel it when it became obvious nothing was going to go through.

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hyper22: I was out with inamorato last night, don't think any of us are going to be in a right frame of mind to go out again tonight. lol

Sorry to hear about the docs father....Hope he's holding up.

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I met up with Cherie and Phil at Pickled Liver (where Utd were extending their lead at the top of the table).

Too bad it didn't happen - it looked like it was going to be a fun night...

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