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That's why I have long since felt that there's no point wearing so much make-up - the truth is going be out sooner or later. One can't wear make-up 24/7.

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so the ones on the right are taken after drinking a bottle of johnnie walker and the ones on the left are taken after waking up the next morning? have i got that correct????

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Those contact lenses scares the **** out of me!

Someone should tell these girls that colored contact lenses will make them blind, well I'm not really sure of that...just to scare them!

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Ces, there's a great comedy piece in Not the Nation about the "big eyes"


It's funny how many "fashion" trends the Thais pick up that really aren't that attractive to farangs (even if that is who they are trying to attract). Maybe I'm strange but when I see a Thai girl with blindingly blue eyes that scares the crap out of me. She thinks I'm looking at her because she looks good but I'm staring because she looks like a freak of nature.

Same thing with the 30 year old lady wearing braces. WTF?!?!

I know one girl who is 30-something with braces and the part that attaches to the teeth are neon green. In what universe is that attractive?

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@Querida LoL!!

..but seriously IMHO the majority of these girls were pretty without the makeup. So, wud I hit on them or make a pass @ them without the make-up? absolutely yes. However I am sure that the added make-up increases their odds of getting more head turns tho..

very intersting thx for sharing :)

@SoBeIt Rotfl~

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Saw some youtube clip of Taiwanese TV show that have these girl wearing half the make up. It's so scary to see that their one eye could get twice bigger than the other one, just with contact lenses, eye liners, and lash extension. Here is an example.

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I believe most of the girls wearing those big blue contact lenses are not trying to attract farangs. They are trying to attract Japanese. They are making themselves, probably unknowingly, look like the idealized little girls who get raped in the pornographic comic books Japanese men buy from vending machines and love to read on the subway.

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Hehe, very good way to remind you never know a girl until morning face to face just after wake up !

Same for the man anyway...

Now i understand why arabs invent the burka (i joke !)...

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