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Any suggestion about Taiwan trip?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for travelling to Taiwan? I

I am going there next month and gonna spend time there for about 3 nights 4 days .... but still don't know much about it...

I have a look at Suriyan chanthra Lake in Nantou (it's in the middle) and I am not so sure if it's really far from Taipei?

for the rough planning ... i might spend over a night there at the airport as I will get there at around 11.00 pm and start the trip in early morning of next day ... thinking about going to Nantou ... but still don't know yet ...

I also wanna know the living cost there .... like if i travel by bus or train ..or how do i get place to place??


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No need a PM, here i come. :)

Cost of living there is as same as Thailand (this what i like most) I have got no worries about Over-spent like trip to Europe LOL

You may mean Sun Moon Lake, its a place that i planed to go but couldnt make it as many things interesting in Taipei.

From information i found, there is not far from Taipei but i bet you can easily travel there since transportation i Taiwan is very convenient.

I have planed to go back Taipei again before end of 2013 for hiking, but now Im struggling with seeking travel partner ;);)

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that's easy, simply avoid the Chinese holidays and you'll be fine. During any Chinese holiday literally millions of Chinese mainlanders swarm the island. Especially now that Taiwan is opening up to more direct flights from the mainland.

I only went to Taipei, go to Danshui when you're there, you'll thank me later :)

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