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28 September, happy birthday!




Seemed its only proper happy birthday wish to me come from TF (auto reminder) -LOL thank you so much. Well, im not that desperated old woman I have had birthday party a week in advance due to a couple of family members have to be away for holidays and last night I also have a quiet celebrate vegetarian style at home as well.



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oh-oh.... well then I hope I can send you a late (belated) Happy Birthday to you Big KUS!! I am certain some wine flowed and hope you had a fun day -- or maybe a whole week of fun since you started early! HBD

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I know i should add some photo here, i have tried it didnt work so i give up.

You'll have to upload them on photobucket (or similar) first and then insert the URL to the picture pop-up window, then it will work! If this explanation is not clear enough, please contact me, I'll go more into details!

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