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Last TFer standing . . .




Hello! Helloooooooooo . . . . . !

Anybody in here?

***knock, knock, knock***


Looks like I finally have this website all to myself.   And it only took ten years for that to happen!  Well, ten years after it started getting quieter here...

Since I have the floor, and not that it actually matters, I'm the original Rob here, not Admin Rob.  Although my current profile was created in 2009, I joined as _Rob in early 2005.  But who cares?  There's nobody around to read this anyway!

And since there's no one to read this, I can gloat about outlasting some of the old-time trolls who didn't like "older" people on the site, at least one of whom publicly wished me dead.  Yep, I'm even older now,  ancient, in fact---but still here, white hair and all.

But, like I said before, not that it matters.  It's like a tree falling in an empty forest.  Or a gnat floating on his back down the river while pleasuring himself, yelling, "Raise the bridge, raise the bridge!"

Seriously, though . . . there's gotta be at least one wind-up artist out there who checks this site occasionally for signs of life.  If so, feel free to leave a nasty comment;  it'll make me feel right at home again.  I could do a shout-out or two, but I don't want to run the risk of stirring any ghosts.

Wow!  Having all this cyberspace to myself feels great, so relaxing . . . 

Almost like taking a nap . . . .  hey, I told y'all I'm old anyway!

Oh, but nobody was listening . . . 

Well, time for me to head out of here and re-enter the real world.  

But I'll be checking in often . . . it's like a little time capsule here, conjuring up only a few knitted eyebrows, but many more happy memories!



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