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  2. My company require me to get the wholesale price and the retail price of the Commando Energy Drinks, but didn't see any related information about it on the Internet. Could anybody help me this if you know please. It's urgent !
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  4. Hi mate! :) long time I do not come by tf !! how is it going?


  5. Hi Jim! My name is Pom. I am 28 years old. Are you Thai?
  6. Hi Steve! My name is Pom. I was born and grew up in Thailand. I don't know much about Thai as I used to since I moved to the U.S. as an early age. Are you living in Thailand right now?
  7. Hello ummm..

    This is a first time for me here.. I don't know what to talk about  Ha Ha 

    If have any one to chat with me or want to know about in Bangkok send message to me ;)

  8. I joined November 2005, and first time back after a long time. This transformed into another site years ago, and I thought TF was completely gone. It is interesting to see it back up. Old posts on Facebook of Stickman, one from 2008, had this link, so I clicked it to just see, and low and behold it was back.
  9. Hi, I am Stevie from Germany and looking for english speaking Thaifriends, to help me find nice places or restaurant in Thailand. I am looking forward to chat with you and learn more about your culture.
  10. Hello! So to keep it short and according to the title, I am looking for a nice thai girl to spend time with when i visit Thailand in December. Perhaps might even be able to return with me to Europe if relevant! I am 29 years, work as a senior manager for a conglomerate and investment company based in Europe. I have myself lived in Asia for about 10 years, however just very recently moved back to Europe (Sweden) due to my grandmother not being well. However, getting rather bored of the single life, and just so happens I love thai girls. I am looking for a thai girl, younger than me for sure, and preferably with some kind of education and interested in spending time with me when i go to Thailand. If you want to know more, send me a message!
  11. hello if you are serious , you have good english and you can travel to asia i can help to find a serious ladyboy just send me a private message .
  12. welcome to all asian fans you can talk to me without any problem message me i will give my whatsapp

  13. welcome to all asian fans you can talk to me without any problem

  14. and i try to promote serious relations with these very nice persons
  15. i just want to say that i am still with this person more than 3 years now
  16. if you need to talk in english to improve it just private message me i will send you email and whatsapp
  17. i have visited thailand they look very nice but they dont speak english very well , i move to philippines same climate, ladyboys but a better english level
  18. hello no one write in this post why
  19. hello welcome

  20. Hi, A friend of mine send me this text (See the attached picture) and challenge me to translate it. I tried with lots of websites, but I am unable to find the solution. Could any body help me with the translation? Many thanks.
  21. I am a Homoeopathic Doctor and Need a Job in Thailand, Any one tell me what I do?
  22. Wow! Just signed back in to TF after a long time. Was just browsing and noticed that I first joined TF in December 2007. Almost ten years! All the old faces are long gone, and is a lot quieter now Time flies, things change. probably all on Facebook. Do any old timers still pop in here now and then? Apart from Admin of course.
  23. How Thailand Could Become Southeast Asia's Next Fintech Hub
  24. Better pay the bribe.
  25. My son was recently arrested for marijuana possession, although he doesn't smoke. He says it was planted on him in one bar and he was patted down in another, and the authorities were called. He has bail hearing in 10 hours and has been told, despite denying it earlier, to plead guilty. Any thoughts on this? What should he /we expect? Any help, information, guidance would be appreciated by this anxious father.
  26. hi, i'm looking to find a contact willing to supply blu rays and ps2 games.
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