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    Score one for justice. There was a quite recent incident where a US student committed suicide as a result of school bullies. I'm sure there are many such incidents. If he hadn't been found not guilty, it would have been an absolute travesty. Tantamount to saying that you can't fight back when you snap, but you can kill yourself. Frankly, the types who perpetrate this kind of thing should be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible, publicly shamed and their parents also prosecuted for producing such vile offspring. (Some people's only talent appears to be an ability to produce kids they can't be arsed to bring up properly.)
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    Happy Birthday Aom

    WHAT?! Who said 30?! :shock: That girl on the pic looks like just turned 19...
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    Happy Birthday Aom

    Yes, have a GREAT day Birthday Girl - and many more of them :wink:
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    Happy Birthday Aom

    Happy Birthday Day to AomLoveLy I'm so glad to know you and we share lonely time together when we need someone to talk with. You are lovely same as your name. Wishing you successful, happiness, good health and all dreams come true. Love, Tukkie ^^'
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