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  1. no wonder why are always complain that you are tired, not well, ill and all that! you tubed and digged like you have nothing else to do sbsb! (enclosed with a fav. emoticon that is not available here)
  2. is carrying groceries from the car to the house...
  3. is carrying groceries from the car to the house...
  4. happy new year H! sorry i just got your msg 1000 times back to you and all the bests, J.
  5. lol...just to confirm that i'm living in the country that is cold enough to wear 2 layers of leather pants but then i'm not looking for any. we sorta just bumped into that ebay page by accident, while searching for other leather stuff. heheeee
  6. lol...no im not looking for a leather pants, oh lord noooo!!! lol..
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8335653541&ssPageName=ADME:B:EF:US:1 just read the description! hehehheee
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8335653541&ssPageName=ADME:B:EF:US:1 just read the description! hehehheee
  9. thank you guys!!!yeah...it's fun
  10. spacers... it's been a while that i'd been missing in action. now that i'm sitting here in front of my 'personal' computer again, so i shall turn myself in to my old comfort. im taking two classes this semester but feel like taking 4, according to the amount of books that i have to read from cover to cover, the weekly assignments, presentation and seminar (in other words, the event that requires us to say sth that sounds smart but could also turn out as an utter BS).other thing that keeps me busy is that tlc and i are building a huge garage with in-floor heating. the work load is a lot more that we'd thought. anyway, lets take of from my detour and go back to the pattern i initially intended to talk about... 23 years or so of my school life, i see a funny pattern that occurs in almost every single class i've either taken or given lecture. in one class..what we often found were... 1, a student who 'MUST' have opinion is every frigging thing, i think s/he is obsessed with participation marks and probably lacks of friends and certainly wants to be perceived as a smart person. oftenly his/her opinions are wrong and s/he has never learned that if one was to participate in an argument, one must have a strong supportive theories or reasons to back up the argument. otherwise, s/he'd better be quiet and learn from the class content, internalizes the content and know it very well before off arguing or answering anything. 2, a too nice prof. this kind of prof is too polite to bluntly tell a student that the opinion or answer that s/he has given was wrong. the worse thing is that when the student comes to confront him/herabout the way s/he marks the exam and the prof tries to explain why it rurns out the way it is. without any understanding from the student in anyway, the prof still remains nice and polite...gosh, stop that pls, you are encouraging that student to believe that s/he is never wrong. 3, the 'ex-', yeah...often enough that, while listening to the lecture, you'll see a familiar look of someone who comes to class late walking by, or hear a familiar voice from behind answering teh question in class. and when you look carefully or turn around, ah! that's your ex-gf/bf that you don't really want to see him/her again. 4, the magnet. ermmm...i mean, a cute gal or cute boy who makes your heart sizzled. regardless of whether or not you have already had a BF or GF, the magnet is always a possitive force for coming in to class 5, a potato. that's what i am. sitting there and being critical about things without giving any possitive input to the class. never spilled a word, nod to whatever agreeable and shake my head for whatever sounds stupid to me. this type of student is useless for a class in general but oh well...what the hell..lol first step is to admit it ciao
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