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  1. Hi Barbell, I've written a blog post regarding gym and health clubs in Bangkok. Feel free to contact me if you need any more info. Cheers, Jack
  2. Cool, glad you guys found some of the info useful. I'm tweaking around and adding some stuff - hopefully it will eventually be a solid resource for health, sport and fitness here. Cheers, Jack
  3. Hi guys, I haven't used the forum for a while, so I hope you don't mind me using this as a platform to mention my new Bangkok fitness blog: URL DELETED. NO COMMERCIAL POSTINGS WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL It's very much a work in progress but I'm hoping to make it a solid and useful resource for health, sport and fitness related activities in the city. Please feel free to comment. Cheers Jack T
  4. Hahahaha......I just had a look at those photos and can't stop smiling! What a night! Thanks for showing me around, Serene. I had a really good time. Next time I'm in Singapore/you're in Thailand we'll have to do it all again. You may not remember this but you had me and the taxi driver on a wild goose chase around Singapore trying to give you back your phone. We went to one apartment (the wrong one), then we went to another about 15 mins away, then I got out and you said you'd come down and meet me, you were nowhere to be seen so I called your friend, waited another 5 mins, still nothing, cal
  5. In England I wouldn't think twice about this kind of behaviour, but I wouldn't be so comfortable with it in Thailand because I know how most Thais view public signs of affection. Even many younger Thais wouldn't be happy seeing this, and even if they accept it most would judge the Thai girl on the receiving end of the farang man's attention. I've seen a lot of Thai girls spurn their boyfriend's/gig's public advances and attempts to show affection in public. I heard one girl say "you can't do that, this is Thailand" after a guy tried to give her a passionate kiss on the lips goodbye.
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