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  1. Kitty


    I dont think it will be cheap!! all the nomal range brands imported to Thailand become a hi so one just overnight.
  2. Awesome pictures ;p
  3. Kitty

    Little Feet #1

    Congratulations, be there for her and let her know that you care
  4. Nice journal, almost made me cry. HBD btw
  5. Kitty

    Need your help !

    I did exactly the same thing on my laptop, i used tweezers pull it out, safe and sound ;p. Good luck.
  6. Wow i was touched by this post. At some point when i was young, i felt that i got a smothered relationship with my mom. Not that i dont love her, but at times she really got into my nerves. But once i am a mother myself, i can understand cleary the love that i am given and the love i give to my child. Her love and care has made me the person i am today.
  7. Kitty

    pai kin som tam !

    i think its too sweet
  8. Kitty

    Free BEER......

    >>>Have you tried my sister?<< Have you tried my mother-in-law? ;p
  9. 1. You dont need a wedding planner, me think. Go to wedding square website and it tells you alot of what to prepare. Also its best to plan long ahead to avoid all the rush at the end 2.Thai style wedding is more expensive? - i dont think so. I think the sit down dinner like westerns are more expensive 3.Ourdoor wedding is possible in thailand? - sure i had outdoor wedding but not in the rainny season ;p 4.can you tell me where is the best place ? (not our house) - if you prefer the outdoor wedding, i suggest you go to hotels where there are gardens or provide the outdoor services. Maybe the ones by the river, i wont mention names. Good luck.
  10. HBD ja, ÊÇÂÇѹ ÊǤ׹
  11. HBD, have fun you have long way to go. Want doggie balloons?
  12. Hmm yes i bought from bumdvd too. The DVD quality is good, agree with you.
  13. Congratulations ;p
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