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  1. He will never be forgotten by those, who met him alive or electronically. A superb and wonderful person.

  2. Rempler


    Dear Jerry, may this new year bring all of the very best to you ! (and loads of your good music to us !!) Cheers Joey
  3. Rempler

    "cuz nobody loves you"

    This guy isn't worth your attention any more. Probably he had a bad day and just looked for someone to kick, but from my point of view a behaviour like that disqualifies every guy. Try to not let it get under your skin ! You deserve the best ppl of all around you cause you yourself truly belong to the best this world has to offer !
  4. Bangkok Not Mexico? YEAH ! YOU FOUND IT ==> So HUGO WON THE PRIZE. 8) 2 liters of White Beer (Hefeweizen) from Bavaria will be presented to you, as soon as we meet, either in Frankfurt or Hamburg or Khrung Theb !! Congrats !
  5. Dear Sir, having read various of your lines, I am convinced, that this was NOT a sarcastic question, :oops: :oops: :shock: :wink: :wink: - therefore may I dare to import the list Year Victor Runner Up Result Location of the tragedy 2006 Italien Frankreich 6:4 n. E. Berlin 2002 Brasilien Deutschland 2:0 Yokohama 1998 Frankreich Brasilien 3:0 St. Denis 1994 Brasilien Italien 0:0 n.V. 3:2 i.E. Los Angeles 1990 Deutschland Argentinien 1:0 Rom 1986 Argentinien Deutschland 3:2 Me
  6. England was beaten by Croatia, so is Germany. After having seen the game, I gotta say: My country deserved that defeat. A lousy performance by our German squad. My bets are still on Portugal and Turkey.
  7. Rempler


    ====> '_/o '_/o '_/o '_/o from left to right: Cafe au lait, Cappucino, Black coffee, Coffee with sugar and chocolate powder ... CAREFUL, - they're all hot ...... Liquor ? Sorry, run out of it last night, after Switzerland had lost ....
  8. You might remember that Klinsmann had been one of the discussed candidates for the squad. "As several leading figures pulled out of the running for the England manager's job, Franz Beckenbauer yesterday urged the Football Association to turn to his German compatriot, Jurgen Klinsmann, to replace Steve McClaren." Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.jhtml?xml=/sport/2007/11/24/sfnfro124.xml In the context of this discussion, Klinsmann has been asked various times about his opinion about the Englsih national team in German TV stations. You might have missed that, as it was on German
  9. pls remind me which major soccer championship England has won in the last 3 decades !! because i can't f**king think of any !!!!! My point is, that it's not always the best 2 teams of a tournament, who enter the finals, earn the merits and remain in the memories !!! Even though any generalization is fragile ... By the way, Michael Ballack and Juergen Klinsmann share that very positive view of the English football and both have a pretty clear overview regarding the last years of European football history, performance-, strategy- and tactics-wise. Still, the headline of this forum represented
  10. Xcuse me ? Did you learn to read ? Obviously not .... such a pity ... I'm German - not English, but I rank fairness far higher than nationalism. Not yet a loser at this stage of the tournament ....
  11. I agree. ............ ............ it's a bit like the champions league without manchester city. pretty pointless really. :wink: Well, I know us Germans are not so strong in humoristic subjects :oops: , - but this one I really didn't understand. Manchester CITY ?? Are they allowed to play in the Asian Champions League - due to their current ownership ? :roll: :shock: I suppose Southend-on-Sea will play CL before MC does, at least if the current owner of MC will not vanish in the haze in the very near future ....
  12. Given the fact that the semifinals 2 yrs ago were staffed only by European teams this tournament is close might have come close to a real world championship. Being 100% German + having an Italian cousin + my two best friends coming from Sweden and Turkey + adoring Zinedine Zidane ==> it is not so easy to make up my mind, for whom my heart is beating. Okay, my German blood wants Michael Ballack to receive take the trophy after the finals, but, honestly, I do NOT think that the actual German team is competitive at all, - I wouldn't even be surprised if we go home after the group stage. I hav
  13. Rempler

    Too Risky!!!

    Please protect yourself at all times ! You are pretty much needed !! I guess I have to have a conference call with your Dad ;-)
  14. Rempler

    Writing Journal !!!

    3 more days for the "small" one - I'm crossing my fingers for you .... you will succeed ! Definitely !!
  15. Good luck for you, Khun Nueng, that we are not living close to you at the moment, othewise we would ask frequently, if we might come along support you with cooking (AND tasting !) :-)
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