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  1. Nice to see you on the pics.
  2. Nice, thanks
  3. I did it. I hope on time, he he.
  4. Happy new year.
  5. Have a good trip back, and a lot of luck to find your way.
  6. Oneil

    Mushrooms from Holland

    Be carefull the mushrooms don't eat you!
  7. Oneil

    Popular Vote!!

    When your in connexion with your public, it's a great joy. Happy for you.
  8. Oneil

    big laugh today

    Somebody REALLY think it's better elsewhere???
  9. Oneil


    Good luck!
  10. Nice to see you again, and thanks for the party.
  11. Oneil

    Once again, sky shots

    WAAOOOOO! Great!
  12. Oneil

    Kids on "Love"

    I like most of them. The last one makes me cry.
  13. I often think of him... thanks to share.
  14. Nice meeting and nice pics.
  15. Sorry, Nicha, we don't take animals with us...
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