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  1. Seh Daeng didn't die fighting. He died giving an interview. I don't care who killed him or whether they're lying about it: he got what he deserved.
  2. I can't agree that any change is going to cause confusion. Changes to a website should make it friendlier to the eye and easier and more inviting to use right off the bat. The new site looks jumbled, confusing, uninviting. As a user, I don't want to have to take the time to "learn" a community or social website.
  3. Disease wiped out millions in Central America. Yet there are no mass graves. The absence of mass graves doesn't support your case. There are also examples of people who ignored warning signs and suffered the consequences. Just for once I'd like to see one person rise from the dead and say "Oh ... sorry for ignoring all the warning signs. I was wrong.''
  4. Not true. The number of starving people has increased during the last several years. Is it a blip? Maybe, maybe not. I'm sure you will make a flippant response that it is, but you're not in possession of enough facts to really know. Nor am I. Your "it will all be okay" version of history in which mankind's ingenuity and technological prowess always come to the rescue is also at odds with the facts. Several civilizations failed to deal with environmental or other crises - either for want of developing the appropriate technology fast enough or for other non-technology reasons - and essentially
  5. Those pictures are treasures. Have you considered making high quality scans or prints and sending them to the Royal Household Bureau?
  6. There are an estimated 1.02 billion people in the world suffering from hunger or malnutrition right now. One in every six human beings is hungry, malnourished or starving right now. By 2050 the projected population of the world will be 9.1 billion people. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations has said that agricultural production in all developing countries will need to double by 2050 to feed everyone. Arable land is being lost or reduced every year. More of what is left is increasingly being used to grow bio-fuels. Government investment in agriculture has been steadil
  7. I believe most of the girls wearing those big blue contact lenses are not trying to attract farangs. They are trying to attract Japanese. They are making themselves, probably unknowingly, look like the idealized little girls who get raped in the pornographic comic books Japanese men buy from vending machines and love to read on the subway.
  8. I hope you can do a better job of convincing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that you're a journalist than convincing another journalist you're a journalist. There's never been a banking requirement to get a press card or non-immigrant M visa, press cards have never been issued by the Immigration Department, and none of the rules you've mentioned are new (at least the ones you got right), except for the fact that since the middle of last year you apply online with the MFA instead of in person at the Ministry. I hope whatever you're passing off as your journalism has more facts in it than your
  9. Some naked white males could probably scare off Godzilla, never mind a few ghosts.
  10. Actually, I think you are trivializing it. And missing the point. As Kookbreeze said, most people, Southeast Asian or not (and he's from Britain), get a tourist visa to Burma in one day. There is nothing normal or run of the mill about what's happening to him. And he hasn't been waiting two weeks to see his mother. He's been waiting ten years. It may not be on a par with physical torture, rape, forced labor or the other abuses the Burmese regime is known for, but denying a mother and her son the right to be reunited for no legitimate reason is a human rights abuse nonetheless. For starters, i
  11. I can assure you that compliments on either side were purely unintentional. We will never agree because he is a man of morals and I am a man of practicality. Where he sees 3000 deaths as a result of a drug crackdown, I see a 90% domestic approval rating while he sees civil rights abuse. I'm sure the Salem Witch Trials, the Holocaust, the slaughter of Native Americans and lynchings of black people also got high domestic approval ratings. I guess you approve of those things, then.
  12. Well Loburt, as the Thai army owns channels 5 and 7, I am perfectly entitled to believe it is under the control of the military. You're entitled to believe whatever you want, but it doesn't make you right. Channels 3 and 9 are not owned by the military, and I know people at both and they say they have not spoken of any interference.
  13. What I am saying is you are overestimating the military's influence on the media, not the military's influence in some other areas. If some people in the government feel their position was misrepresented by some television media, that does not mean it was because of military influence. Even if they think it is. They have to have some hard evidence to back that up, and I haven't seen or heard any. If someone can show me some, I'll certainly rethink my position. You can look at the US or UK and find politicians who will also say their positions are misrepresented by the media and there is no mil
  14. I really have to disagree with your second sentence. First, I know several people here who work in local television news, including the woman whose OpEd was posted in this thread a couple of pages earlier. None of them have ever said that anything they wanted to report or say was censored by the military, or that they were told they could not report or say something by their station managers because they feared the military would revoke their license. And the woman who wrote the OpEd did have her reporting interfered with when she worked at iTV after Thaksin bought it. She was vocal about it
  15. ooops, sorry. i was looking for the 'evolution is a hoax' thread ...
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