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  1. Hi, I was sent a link today by a friend for an Android App to help to learn how to write Thai. Even though I have been reading and writing Thai for a number of years, I can see how this App really makes the task easier. I wish the technology had been available when I first started. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.prapps.rwthai Check it out, it will help you no end! Cheers for now.
  2. Rich, long time no chat. How are things in Chiang Mai?

  3. Happy Birthday for the 27th, wish I could be there.
  4. From: silviacom To: SpeedTriple Posted: 23 May 2005 4:49 pm Subject: hi FROM MISS SILVIA. M. TEL : . Dear BELOVD , reply me this mail through my private mail box g/o/d/b/le/s/s/s/i/l/v/i/a ats ya h/ o/ o/ d/o/t /c/ o/ m/ only for security purpose,all you have to do is to couple it together and mail me direct. Good a thing to write you. I have a proposal for you-this however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honour against your will. Your profile pushed me to send you this mail,I am Silvia J.Martins ,23years old and the only daughter of my late parents Mr.and M
  5. Good to see you're still alive mate. Had a good time with you in BKK ;-) Shame we didn't hook up in Chiang Mai, maybe next time !!! Take care mate.
  6. SpeedTriple

    Spare Parts

    Eeek sounds horrid. Glad you're feeling a bit better now though
  7. It was closed for a 2 hour lunch break when I went there last week I was on a dirt bike and so carried on further into the mountain to where the roads ran out, it is spectacularly lovely up there. I'm going back to CM in a few days and will check the palace out again, this time when it's open.
  8. I only went there once and thought it totally rocked. I liked it so much I bought a hat.
  9. Thanks Dex, that is good news and a huge relief.
  10. I have just been to the Lai Thai guest house to check the guest book myself, he did not sign in there from April 12 to today. Curiouser and curiouser.
  11. I only pretend to like you so people think I'm popular
  12. I used Thai for Beginners by Poosnam Becker, I am getting by... just. Check the speaking Thai forums for links and resources. Good luck, it's hard work, but highly rewarding.
  13. David, hehe, I already have the phone numbers of every bar girl in Pattaya, they haven't seen him for a while either, hehehe.
  14. EEEEEEEEK What a fortnight I've had.....totally mad ! Haven't time to do a full report, am in Chiang Mai at the moment, was supposed to meet Eric, but I can't find him. Anyone spoken to him recently (online or by phone) If anyone knows which hotel he's at in Chiang Mai (or even if he's still in CM) I'd be grateful of any info. He seems to have disappeared.
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