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  1. have a GREAT week my friend!

  2. why u open urs mouth in the pic i know now u r smileing looks hot mail me on [email protected]

  3. was just browsing and saw you. watsup?

  4. appun

    Our Anniversary

    well well well....im happy for u...congratulation na ja girlie girl........
  5. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, we are all well, although very tired!!! Pics are on Rob's facebook I will upload some here soon.......
  6. appun


    smile.. dont worry girl... she's just been so pathetic..
  7. appun

    By Chef Poopie Deester

    damn..you are a real áÃèºéÒ¹áÃèà Ã×ùÃÑè¡æ... you should cook for me sometimes! hehehe.... Robert must have envy mr. James!!!
  8. appun

    The TF Things

    haha.... you have read my mind..
  9. great....love the pictures... thanks for sharing
  10. appun

    Hot lunch event

  11. appun

    Large Aquarium for Sale

    lovely fish... had one and dead due to rocks swallowed.... i did feed it though!!!!!!!!
  12. Great pictures, it brings back memories from my trip to London last year. We visited this temple for songkran then and had a great day. The weather was better last year as i wore a t-shirt, it looks cold England now. I also remember somtam was £4.50!!!!!! (280 Baht)
  13. appun


    hes gay!
  14. appun

    6 days free....!!!

    i dont really wanna show off but mine will be 9 days off!!!! eieiei enjoy na kha
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