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  1. Many guys who come to Thailand come here for cheap or free sex (and maybe cheap beer too). You could tell him he can have 3some if he goes to Nana or Cowboy, but the beer isn't so cheap.
  2. PiAnt

    Hi mate hope all's well what with all the recent occurrences.

    Stay safe.

  3. A few weeks ago I found a cafe in Pattaya that makes really great espresso coffee, the kind that is thick and syrupy, a little bit of crema on top, and with a rich smooth flavour that I haven't found in Bangkok. Does anyone know where such coffee can be found in Bangkok? Ok yes there was a forum thread about this a couple of years ago but it just seemed to prove that there isn't any really good espresso in Bangkok. I live in hope that someone somewhere somehow in Bangkok has figured out what that German cafe owner in Pattaya has figured out. And yes I have considered getting a taxi to Pattaya just for another seriously good espresso.
  4. I guess the future isn't what it used to be.
  5. Neo


    who say's TF isn't sexist? actually I don't think anyone did ;-)
  6. Neo

    Cinco de Mayo

    Rob, you should definitely grow the moustache Soda... you too ;-)
  7. So apparently living in Thailand can be dangerous for your health (apart from usual grenades, muggers, killer ladyboys, russians, jealous girls etc)
  8. That test is rubbish! 5555 what if they watch porn together? what's meant to happen then? A better test is see what happens after 6 months of being together.
  9. It's utterly ridiculous, but this may become as much of a concern as health care reform.
  10. exactly.. found in a bar... not even stolen. so you find a $20 bill in a bar and then the police have the right to break into your house because it turns out the money was "stolen" from Bill Gates? Some bozo lost it... blame him not the poor bastards that found it.
  11. Until there's proof that it was stolen Chen is innocent. Break down a door and take all the guy's gear because he's suspected of buying a stolen phone? Geez what would happen to everyone who ever bought a used phone from mbk. Blaming apple is one thing, but how the heck can the police be coerced into this abuse of rights? Amerika.. land of the free, if you're a gigantic corporation that is.
  12. He3 mining project on the moon...
  13. Neo

    Thaksin Dead?

    Bad idea. If they ship him back they will change the constitution to allow for a dead PM.
  14. how many of those have you got?
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