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  1. Many guys who come to Thailand come here for cheap or free sex (and maybe cheap beer too). You could tell him he can have 3some if he goes to Nana or Cowboy, but the beer isn't so cheap.
  2. PiAnt

    Hi mate hope all's well what with all the recent occurrences.

    Stay safe.

  3. Good. I always wanted to open facialbook.com www.assbook.com
  4. A few weeks ago I found a cafe in Pattaya that makes really great espresso coffee, the kind that is thick and syrupy, a little bit of crema on top, and with a rich smooth flavour that I haven't found in Bangkok. Does anyone know where such coffee can be found in Bangkok? Ok yes there was a forum thread about this a couple of years ago but it just seemed to prove that there isn't any really good espresso in Bangkok. I live in hope that someone somewhere somehow in Bangkok has figured out what that German cafe owner in Pattaya has figured out. And yes I have considered getting a taxi to Patta
  5. just went through Asoke / Sukhumvit intersection. It's clear except for a couple of fire trucks. no sign of reds
  6. Reds swarm into Sukhumvit About 5 mins ago about two hundred reds on motorbikes swarmed into Sukhumvit from Asok intersection, some got past the soldiers at Soi 8 and Soi 11 before the rest were turned back. The soldiers locked and loaded the m16s and blocked Sukhumvit at Soi 8. The situation seems to be under control, but I wasn't hanging around to find out. The street is clearing out, shops shutting, street stalls packing up.
  7. http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/Bangkok-Red-Shirt-Rally-Live-Tues-t366396.html&st=50
  8. Weng pointing to a picture of a black clad armed terrorist explaining "this not offensive fighting gun, this defensive protection gun." Even in the midst of this horror it's still ok to laugh :-)
  9. There are bucketloads of riot police along Sukhumvit road sporting shotguns, presumably loaded with rubber bullets. They are mostly hanging out in groups under awnings and even a few in bars. Don't know if they are the regular bib in fabcy dress or a different bunch. The regular bib have been conspicuously absent recently, as evidenced by the fervent and obvious gambling in the street.
  10. There's nothing there right now, but the red shirts announced that they will blockade Asoke at 3 p.m. and that people should leave to avoid confrontation. The Army and police are marching towards the intersection right now. Marc, if u can get out before 3 then I'd say go for it.
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