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  1. Must have rushed over the boarders to get their heads kicked in in Thailand.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d8i58Owpb8&feature=player_embedded
  2. Geezers obviously not seen bodies of Burmese fishermen washing up dead on the beach, and thinks because he's ******* old now nothing really matters that much! '' try to impose strict ecological production to poorer countries '' this has nothing to do with us, they should police this **** themselves rather than just turn a blind eye to it......
  3. So you're totally cool with them ******* a country you seem to love living in, as well as the blatant slave labor, abuse and murder of people?
  4. The industry is corrupt, poisons the sea, and poisons us! The chemicals, hormones, and anti fungal agents used in farming Shrimp are pure cancer, I won't touch them for that reason..... further more the reefs they are killing by illegally piping the run offs into is just pure criminal, I've seen 1km square pristine reefs killed in a year because of these farms. And yeah, the Burmese that work in this industry are treated like ****.....
  5. Just humans being total ***** under the lose guise of religion.
  6. Nope been rented for ages now, had 2 good tenants over 3 years, think this ones not going anywhere.
  7. beej


    You're just thinking of those tight black skirts and peek a boo blouses..... takes one to know one! Giving back..... ptffff
  8. Good ol' Chuvit, I'm a big fan.... he's like a Thai George Galloway.
  9. Are they solid hard wood, or wood composite?
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