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  1. guttes2


    its looks wonderful there And i agree with John about the girl
  2. guttes2

    100 year old market

    wow, it looks so nice there i must go there next time i come lovely journal as always Jan
  3. guttes2

    charity by Jan :D

    lovely journal Jan and lovely pics very nice thing that u all did thx for sharing
  4. great vdo s always looks like u had a good time
  5. lol, more people that make journals that make me hungry
  6. guttes2


    lol, took some time before i saw
  7. guttes2

    Happy birthday Offy!

    Happy birthday Offy hope u have a great birthday and nice journal Idar
  8. happy birthday to u
  9. guttes2


    happy birthday
  10. guttes2


    i dont think so
  11. Gee always nice and congrat to u 911 h myself dont dare to buy premium to people anymore
  12. guttes2

    empire state of mind

    yea, shes great
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