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  1. You are "still" a "young" man, and most importantly of course you have a young g-friend. Happy b-day!
  2. I'm glad to hear the Pope was able to put a steak on your table instead of the usual loaf of bread and dried fish
  3. delmar

    first day

    What are your plans after graduation???
  4. Try to staying away from the big budget movies. I saw "Napolean Dynamite" last night, quite interesting and no attention from the media. Yet!
  5. Do you know where I can get some hair extensions?
  6. delmar

    My Turn!!

    Could of been worse, if you were here in CAlifornia you would of gotten a ticket from the police for 200-300$ plus 8 hours of "traffic driving school" on a Saturday. But most importantly no one was hurt. BTS or Bust!
  7. Was that burrito from Taco Bell or Del Taco?
  8. Having to deal with assholes makes us appreciate those you aren't (assholes) Choke dee
  9. Great idea! When will you go? If you go in November, count me in.
  10. delmar

    line up!

    ITs very strange you mentioned this! I've been having some bald white guy using my space since I joined.
  11. Choke dee! Must of been the thought of ending up with a bald guy that pushed you guys back together:)
  12. Hi F&C, dastergisback forgot to mention an often overlooked group "bald". Maybe a trip to Ca. will help cheer you up?
  13. In a leadership school I attended they talked about 10% of the people causing 90% of your problems and the remaining 90% only casusing 10%. Thus basically 10% of people are ASSHOLES ans will likely never change so stay focused on the COOL 90%. Good luck.
  14. delmar

    Jet lag

    From the L.O.S. to U.S.A. what a journy. I was hoping to at least maybe have someone nice seated next to me (preferrably cute female) instead an overweight Japanese man who snored the whole trip. Thank goodness for headphones. As usual I will suffer from post vacation blues and jet lag for about one week. I arrived yesterday, opened up all my mail (mostly bills), returned a few phone calls, did laundry, went grocery shopping, unpacked and tried to sleep at 1230 am. Tossed and turned until 5am and now ready for work at 7 am. Ahhh i miss those days and night of Starbucks and Singhas. Bye for now, Delmar
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