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  1. seldom to see you online recently, moved already? tc

  2. Dude I forgot to watch transit of venuuuuuus! :(

  3. I've been playing around with Your Freedom proxy tunneling http://www.your-freedom.net/ slow as molasses and annoying to switch back and forth between, but gets the job done..
  4. just one? how non-polygamous of you..
  5. I hate the new interface too ;-(
  6. vigvigler

    Burning man canceled

    I was going to go too, but I cancelled as well.. It was BM or my trip back to Bangkok in October. Bangkok won...
  7. What do you expect from Farang girls! haha
  8. vigvigler

    In Seattle

    Are you back for good? or is it just to visit?
  9. Is there someplace america has'nt bombed? I can't beleive we live in the modern world and we are still bombing things? Can't we all just get along....
  10. I think the place at Soi 7/1 is across the street from Maxim inn right? but you go into this regular looking bar place and go to a elevator, and go to the second flor and bam you are in a disco right? yea that place is like impossible to find unless you go with somone who knows where it is at.. Have any other suggestions on how to find some of these places? If the rest are as difficult to find as that one is!
  11. Yes Vacanti, let's here your top 10.. I'd love to know! I'm coming out to Bangkok Oct 11-28th and doing my research now! thanks much!
  12. I have a question for you.. Back about 3-4 years ago the cafe next to Arabian nights in the basement of Grace was a banging place to go.. last trip I was there it was about dead, like a few stragglers but no where near the insane late nite (after 2am crazy hangout it used to be) I know they had problems with the police and had to stop.. Are there other similar late night hangouts? post 2am spots, where you can go and get sum cheap beers and not have to deal with the usual hostess type clubs? but where everyone is off there rocker drunk and singing to tunes on a jukebox, or maybe dancing to a DJ? I just miss the old place...
  13. vigvigler


    Wow, place is so nice.. maybe when i'm out in October it'll give me a reason to visit koh samet!
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