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  1. Again this is not about me it is about black people in general. Angel_Abi and if you read my whole post you will see that I was married to a thai woman and if you think i am not attractive then thats fine but once again stick to the topic
  2. with the exception of lizardo who i think has some personal problems that he needs to get off his chest. these are very intresting replies. TIKO I would like to first apoligize for that guy not all black people are like that. By the way for those who made comments about the uniform, say whatever you want but understand this I was proud to serve for my country i don't comment about your dress please lets keep it adult and don't comment on my uniform stick to the topic
  3. peddling money has nothing to do with a persons ethnicity, more it has to do with there self worth,me being a black man when I was in Thailand I never gave funny money but I had plenty of friends that did and they were all races
  4. I have been on this site for almost two years and I just want to know why is it that alot of Thai women here do not like black males, what is it about black men that you find unattractive. I am not trying to say that all Thai women are like that because I was married to a Thai it just seems that there is misconception about us black men I would love to hear what it is that you do not like maybe I can help you to understand more about us and clear up some myths about my culture good and bad
  5. I would have to say that it is really up to the people involved I was in a marriage for 15 months and of those 15 mounths my wife lived in Thailand and I lived here in United states and I can say that through that time I remained faithful to my then wife, it's very hard to do but it can be done you just have to really love the one you are with
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