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  1. I'm 31.....so i was 9 when Lloyd Honeyghan took the Welterweight title,i still remember it now and still watch it!Arguably there has been better fights and fighters since then........but back in his day Honeghan was the best pound 4 pound! Good question by the way.......
  2. i shot a crackhead because i love mariujuana!!!!
  3. i like the way the 'Farang' was semi pretending to be shocked at times with the wide mouth open OMG!!!!........i reckon the Thai chick had a **** annyway.
  4. Yeah what everyone says about the corruption is true,but its a fact of everyday life throughout the world. The only difference being is that the Thai way of corruption is> yeah i'm corrupt more powerful than you and can have your ass locked up for a few years.......so what are you gonna do about it. Whereas in so called Developed nations...corruption is firmly riddled throughout government and large multi-national companies,and done in a more law abiding corrupt way.!!!!!!!!..........take Wal-Mart,McDonalds etc etc. Also look at Emron a few years ago!!!!!!!!!................yeah all you
  5. Love T.K.O by Teddy Pendergrass.......i could have gone for the Walrus of love but Teddy just nicked it for me 8)
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