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  1. Nave.... You need a bf so badly to beat up on! So you can feel better...
  2. I'm having all types of problems with my 6 weeks old (I Touch)... I'm trying to get my money back in Korea! I want the new I Phone for just $199 **** I'm stupid....
  3. People make profiles, and never return to the site! It really is a very small, disfunctional family we have here...
  4. You can always go to a Hot strip club!
  5. Go see a Kansas City Royals baseball game! It's a nice stadium actually, but the Royals suck always... You should drive just outside the city and go ( Cow Tipping ) hehehe... St. Louis rocks.... You should drive across the great state of MISSOURI...
  6. I thought this was a journal concerning me... Oh well...
  7. America has lost alot of respect in the last 8 years! Now I believe we will be true leaders again. I want to feel proud again to say I'm an American! Go Obama
  8. haiku_newyork

    F 35 Test flights

    What a piece of ****.... I could make better than that in my garage... Lol...
  9. Thai Police love me! Just check the photo...
  10. Well I play with myself on my bed mostly! Sometimes when I'm feeling romantic I like to draw a bubble bath and listen to Barry Manalo music while spankin it... Hard core porn also helps... Oh ****, I'm sorry! Your asking where do I play pool... I guess wherever there's a pool table...
  11. Everybody is so helpful! Living in Thailand just maked everybody so nice and friendly... Hehe... Seriously, thank you everyone! Robert
  12. Thank again Ghee, Pjack, and Piant! All good info for me to digest! Still need to know some info about setting up a small Business and how I can get a business owner Visa? Cheers
  13. Thanks so much Ghee! Can I earn interest on my money in that type of account? Do you also know anything about getting a small Business Visa in Thailand? I know S. Korea requires a 50,000 USD investment to obtain a business Visa. Thanks again Ghee
  14. I was just wondering about how I can set up a bank account in Thailand?Could anyone tell me if a speacial Visa is needed for establishing a savings account or stand dard banking account?Are farang living in Thailand required to get any type of alien registration card to carry around?Thank you to anyone that helps.
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