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  1. She looks even better here... sans clothing www.doubleviking.com/larissa-riquelme-is-nude...
  2. Place I go in Pattaya is 250.. After 5 years of searching and trying I finally found a girl who can cut hair to a reasonable standard.. She's been overseas and has a fair bit of experience with farang hair. Most basic hairut places here just seem to adjust the length of the hair at the perimeter.. They aren't able to cut a style or shape. Only exception I have come accross (not literally) is Toni&Guy salons in BKK. You're talking 1000-1500 baht for the the 'top stylist' but I figure that's cheap for something that lasts for a Month.. and much better than looking like I've been run over by
  3. Just read this on MSN http://news.ninemsn.com.au/health/7926285/healthy-woman-dies-watching-pornography What a way to go ! Wonder if she came before she went ? Sorry for tasteless puns.. Terrible for the family as can imagine all the gossip about her activities...
  4. Great shots Vlad looks like he's auditioning for a Village People stage show
  5. Should head to the US plenty of 'dicks' there
  6. PattayaDaz

    Hoi An

    Damn... Thought it was gonna be pics of An's 'hoi'
  7. Whoever wrote that review should be proud of herself (or even himself) Really hilarious.. My 'old fella' started to firm up as I read the review.. But then a sudden stark mental image of a grossly overweight and hairy 60 yr old woman using the toy put an instant stop to my mood the brain is a funny organ :roll:
  8. yeah where's the pic of Dave's wedgie and Jennies backpiece ?
  9. I think there is a "K" needed in 'nackers' Thought some of you clowns were English teachers :roll: Anyhow I use a depilitory cream.. much better than shaving .. No rash... Can't beat it.. After all what girl would want to suck a hairy plum ?
  10. Good to meet you guys and gals.. Yep Jenny's ink is wayyyy too cool ... Enjoyed it . Thanks !
  11. PattayaDaz

    The girl is too old

    A bad dose of the clap ?
  12. Confirm!!!! Works for me.. But don't use warm water ! Open pores = YaaaaaaaRRRGGG :!:
  13. Dear me... One post and I leave you all alone for 24hrs and we've gone from swinging to bukkake...... Hmmmm 16hrs of travel and a fast, wet drive from swampybum... Power-up TF read one thread and I have a hard-on.... :oops: Worse dunno if it was SBI and her ass fixation or Smskun offering to 'bite it's head off'' that caused the stiffening :shock:
  14. Been quite a few sucessful long term relationships fired up on TF. It's not all 'dine and dash' :wink:
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