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  1. Do women prefer men who behave like arseholes. Making fun of them and generally having a bad boy image. or Do women prefer men who are all nice and sweet. Buy them little gifts and sing them songs down the phone? THe theory behind the arseholes is that women prefer men who remind them of their brother and fathers. That have the same sort of joking punch them on the arm, make fun of their pimples relationship. THis is why they are attracted to men like that. Other women prefer the nice men who remind them of the affection that their mothers showed them. So ladies who do you prefer. NIce guy or
  2. Rather go to the local parkand ahave a fool around on the grass.
  3. What does it matter? If it looks like a woman, feels like a woman and fucks like a woman. it's a woman.
  4. A stir. It was a superb troll that caused a paying member to be reprimanded over a none paying piece of scum like me. There is justice in the world.
  5. You now have www.thailove.com which is launched itself as a full on dating website. www.blossoms.com a sort of dating website for older ladies and farm girls www.thaidarlings.com - rip off. of course we can't forget the wonderful bangkokchat.
  6. No Cause I always forget to factor in make-up time when going out. ALways bloody late. Spray paint is the answer though. One quick blast and it's all done.
  7. Why do you have that photo on hand then? Is that Arian Nation graffitti?
  8. Shorts shorts are fantastic. Possibly one of the best items of clothing that I have ever seen. Short shorts you rock.
  9. If you knock your beer over in the bedroom the padding is always good for soaking up the spil beer. YOu can then wring it out and get your beer back.
  10. I would think that applies to a lot of members on here. Well the goes around bit anyway,
  11. You might as well play games. If not somebody will do it to you instead. Get you there and get playing. How many can you juggle at one go?
  12. With Thai ladies preferring towels to tampons it can all get a bit whiffy in the nether regions. Even worse is if they take of their undies in front of you with that big stained revolting jam rag. Horrible
  13. Shhhhhh. Not wanting to do it cause of the blood factor is another good way for me to cover up my sloth genes.
  14. I''m not a great fan of it either. I still cringe at the thought of a mates story about a one night stand, being really pissed waking up in the morning to see his face covered in dried blood, still at her house. Grim
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