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  1. .... I used to buy me SugarDada season tickets for Arsenal FC.... he was pleased . 8) Anyway, Men like Gadgets..... then again, they like to get those things by themself... huh. A Lorry full of beers ? .... :roll: lol P' Riya
  2. lol ... speaking about my 'Special K' .... Let alone the 'spelling'... he cant even 'quote' properly.... if you ever notice.. :roll:
  3. Right.... ... Mmmm and what do you think where do I get the British slang from ? .... :roll:
  4. Good Luck .... I hope you manage to make it... through... I am OFF to London for a few months with the boss and SugarDada. Take care, P' Riya
  5. Not really, sometimes common sense are too ambigious and it can't stand in front of the different cultures in different countries. For example, the common sense of taking off your shoes before walking inside one's house in Asian culture is not a common sense at all to Farang ... That's probably how lawyers make money becoz the definition of word is so strict in law ... 8) .... I personally & strongly believe that ... "ppl with 'common sense' know how to learn to blend into situations & different cultures"... :idea:
  6. ... what can I say "reni" ..... ... if there is NO control and/or restrictions in the future : TF would probably be spoiled .... by number of Yobs. :roll:
  7. ........... MMmmmmm Yummmmmm : P
  8. ........... MMmmmmm Yummmmmm : P
  9. Without a clear definition regarding the term 'talkative', it will be hard to come to a mutual agreement because we might interpret the word differently. Doesn't word and language sometimes really suck and cause confusion?? :wink: .... oh well ... thats "common Sense" is Good for.... :wink:
  10. ... interesting point you made ..... PR does matter ... eh ? :wink: ... if you notice... there are ppl who fall into those things : some ppl do not... though they dont mind visitting those places at times. Then again, Good PR and talkative aint the same thing in my term..... :roll:
  11. In the shallow nature of our modern society, sometimes words are louder than actions ... at least I feel that way when I think of my boss, he definitely can talk quite a lots of bullshits ... but whether he can do it or not?? Very unlikely ... but he is my boss and I'm the one who do all the works :wink: So I don't believe people will consider that you are a well-rounded people if you are not 'talkative' ... becoz if u don't make enough noise, people might not even know who you are as a matter of fact :roll: I see you have a point and honestly, I know what you mean... no agrument here. lol
  12. Point taken. Thanks for your comment... though I know about that ages ago... :wink: ... like I always say... Action speaks louder than word. ... I do NOT run away... its NOT safe running on high-heels.... lol... :roll:
  13. Well... thats whats written in the book. Correction : I dont think : they do 'hate' them --->> I assume : "they dislike them"... :idea:
  14. Is this your opinion?..... Please don't feel you can speak for the other three billion females in the world... I see you have got a point there. I didnt mean to speak for them though. Thanks for your comment.
  15. .... its NOT a list of what I want in a Man.... :!: To be honest, this thread is meant to be a trap for some yobs on here... and it has served its purpose.:wink: Note : ..... decent men came in here with decent comments. Yobs came in here with yobbish comments.
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