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  1. oops , not at all , i dont know that it changed again and again and again , weird , i crap i need a ber now , have fun sis , kidteung mak mak na jaa joob joob

  2. hahaha, you don't know what happen here???? :P

  3. hahahahah sis , what the hell happened to tf now? it must be a joke right , have to search for everything , pictures etc also miss you na ja jub jub

  4. kennyke

    New TF

    reading this , now i need to take a brake , so hard to read the comments
  5. argh aom now i not like you anymore , you made me hungry again
  6. gee you are just deperate to ride a bike , dont you?
  7. nice pics miss filurina , seems you had a lot of fun , so did i was the best loy krathong i ever had
  8. i had the time of my life in the north , everything was perfect , ill never forget about this moment
  9. kennyke

    halloween 311009

    nice journal miss maple, sorry that i couldnt join you and sis , but seems like you had a great time anyway, and for me , i had the best halloween ever also hahahaha
  10. happy birthday
  11. hey bobby was great to see you a few times mate , hope you had a safe trip back , and will see you again next time
  12. kennyke

    thank you

    happy birthday
  13. thinking about going there , signed up but not sure have birthday diner also diner also
  14. still drunk from last weekend?
  15. hahahaah ting tong maple was great to see you again and all the others too see you soon again on halloween for bd diner
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