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  1. BJ

    IPhone Leak gets ugly

    When you buy an Iphone you can pay a bit extra,think its about $20-00 Aust and get a type of insurance no other company offers called,Find My Phone,which Apple Techs can trace exactly where the phone is and disable it.
  2. BJ

    IPhone Leak gets ugly

    Bloody good,my son Works for Apple,**** he might get another raise!hehe
  3. BJ

    What wrong with me?

    My I suggest your love one sleeps beside you,then you won't count time,lol
  4. Haha some one has their maths wrong,I do it all the time!
  5. BJ

    Dangerous !!!

    Haha! good one Unny,now why couldn't Gav have found that?lol
  6. BJ

    KFC Cricket Survival Guide

    Nothing like a Finger Licken Good.
  7. No relationship could last with him as he broke your heart with lies. He could never be even a true friend because he told you lies,true friends don't do that either. Do some thing for your self and get rid of him out of your life and free your self from the feelings you have for him,and believe me if you do this time will heal & memories might linger but with out hurt. Enjoy your life and let it be the lesson that made you strong,some one will come along one day.
  8. Pretty bloody good,banning another bloody shopper is so Kewl,I wish Target,KMart,would ban my wife!lol
  9. BJ

    I am the fastest one..lol

    Nothing Like A Fast Woman,lol
  10. BJ

    Experience snow.

    I have experienced snow but prefer the climate I experience now! Keep enjoying Kung and Happy New Year.
  11. That's what we are worried about cross breeding with a Pom,we like our sheep clean,not covered with Dags and Gorse! :-)
  12. If they hold an "English" Passport kick them out to their home land,why do us tax payers have to keep them in our Prison Hotel rooms and that goes for any other nationality including New Zealand. And Visa Versa if Australians etc are in another country playing with fire return them here and take their passports from them,traveling is a privilege not to be abused. You want to live in another country permanently my opinion is become a Citizen and enjoy paying for what we have not destroy it.
  13. A Very Happy Birthday Tukkie & a Happy New Year!
  14. BJ

    White Christmas

    Merry Christmas Kung & lovely to hear from you. Wish you all the very best Kung.
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