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  1. 228 members online. Yet for over half an hour not a single one of them has written a single bloody word in the forums for the purpose of amusing me. In fact they haven't written a single bloody word in the forums on any topic at all. What is your problem people? I'm tired, I've been up half the night finishing updates to a 1st year calculus booklet, and I demand to read something funny. Otherwise, I threaten to post all the prime numbers less than 1,000,000. --Ling
  2. ling_dtua_khaao

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    My favourite Diana Krall tune is Peel Me a Grape. I heard her sing it at the Senator upstairs before she became big, and her voice had that perfect slightly coarse sensuality. It really stuck in my mind and I became a fan.
  3. That's a big surprise. Didn't even know he had cancer. That's sad he's died so young. He was talented. I remember his startup band when I was a teenager (and so was he), playing around locally. He got a little media attention because of his blindness, but not a lot. He went on to a successful career in rock, jazz and blues, and had even opened a restaurant. I guess I would have heard if I'd listened to Q107 longer than 5 minutes this morning.
  4. "sexiest person you will ever meet in your hole life" Freudian typo?
  5. TAURUS - PLAYFUL,KINKY,NAUGHTY... NEED I SAY MORE? (4/20-5/20) Very high sex appeal. Love is one of a kind. Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet! Entirely creative. Extremely random and proud of it. Freak. Spontaneous. Great at telling Stories. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out if it comes down to it. Someone you should hold on to. and tha sexiest person you will ever meet in your hole life. 12 years of bad luck if you do not repost. Then again, that's me exactly.
  6. Reading the title of this entry on the Community page: CANCER - MORE SEX TO GIVE I thought, "Wow! Seriously tasteless post!" and I got all excited to read it. But, it's just horoscopes. Ho hum.
  7. ... because some people seem to need this helpful reminder. --Ling
  8. Reading this comic immediately brought to mind many pointless fights in TF forums.... --Ling
  9. As my first post in the relatively new Random Inanity forum, I want to know: What the hell is the difference between the Hangout and General Discussion forums? Hangout is banned to "non-regular" (irregular?) members? I've spent many sleepless nights pondering the question of the difference. Even as a mod I couldn't figure out the difference. Maybe it's to separate TFers who can't get along? You know, Johnny and Mary are always fighting so you separate them to sit on different sides of the classroom? And now, are those two forums any different from Random Inanity? Random Inanity = either of those other two forums with all sensible posts banned? --Ling
  10. Thanks @ LittleMiss and CateinBkk for the recent posts... I haven't looked at this thread in a while.
  11. Has anyone posted on this already? The technology is out there already in most mobile phones, via GPS chips, to pinpoint the location of the phone when it is turned on to within a small distance (10 to 100 metres). This is quite useful say for emergency services to locate the phone, and so for public safety. But, there are also plenty of commercial prospects for this ability, some of them not so nice, and we'll hear about them increasingly in the not-too-distant future - and I'm guessing they will become cheaper and more easily available. So, for example, all you farang guys wondering what your Thai girlfriend or gik or online gf is up to when you're sitting there in Europe or North America by yourself, or all you Thai women wondering what your farang bf is really up to when he's back in his home country, can have a look: GPS phone tracking service Enter the country where the number is registered, the area code and phone number, make sure that the phone is switched on (or at least, try at times when it is likely to be switched on), and find where that phone is located using global positioning system (GPS) satellite technology and Google Earth style mapping! Cool. Note: the website does post a privacy statement claiming that they do not record the phone numbers or use them for information gathering or commercial purposes. However, if you're still worried about privacy, don't visit the site. I have no affiliation with the site. I just thought it was cool (and potentially scary) technology. --Ling
  12. Always easy to find a truck heading in that direction, what with the money-collecting guys hanging off the back shouting "Paya! Paya! Paya! Paya!"
  13. kalimist> does it not say in the american constitution that you must arm yourself to protect your family and so you can remove an unwanted dictatorlike government? No, it doesn't. The original constitution had no such provision. The first ten amendments to the US constitution, called the Bill of Rights, passed by Congress in 1789 and coming into effect in 1791 (when enough of the states had accepted the amendments), contains what you're sort of thinking of, known pretty much universally to Americans as the Second Amendment: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed." What this says is that you're allowed to wear short sleeve shirts or tank tops, provided you're a member of a militia. The framers of the Bill of Rights were sick of wearing long sleeves on hot summer days, but, realizing the socially conservative values of much of the population, made allowing the wearing of short sleeves more acceptable by associating it with membership in a militia, so that in the public mind it was a part of military dress. Somehow US courts for many decades used a version of the constitution with a spelling mistake, in which the Second Amendment read: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." This version is the source of all the trouble. Its intention was defence against an overly powerful government assuming what we would now call dictatorial powers. It seems clear however that the right to bear arms is strongly associated with a "well-regulated militia." In other words, although the amendment doesn't require it, it could easily have been interpreted over time to mean people could keep arms only as official militia members. A government sanctioned militia is not powerless if the government turns against the people, provided it still has its weapons. (This is what saved Slovenia from invasion by Serbia at the start of the disintegration of Yugoslavia. The Slovenians took control of local arms caches. The Croatians were not so lucky.) Of course a militia has many other uses besides fighting an out-of-control government, which make it quite likely that the government in its normal state, would help to establish them. But over time, and through increasing precedent, US courts have come to ignore the clause about the well-regulated militia which gives context to the following clause about the right to bear arms. Now the only thing that Americans remember about the Second Amendment is the "right to keep and bear arms" part. Today's situation of gun ownership in the USA bears almost no resemblance to the intention of a "well-regulated militia." Certainly there is nothing in the Second Amendment as it stands that would stop the government from banning certain types of guns. It's a lot harder than a handgun to hide a proper military rifle down your pants even if they are really baggy! And even if you could, try walking around easily with that sucker strapped to your leg. There's nothing in the US constitution that would stop gun ownership being limited to an official list of militia-issued weapons, and requiring bearers of those weapons to receive militia training in responsible storage and use of them and to be registered as militia members, with weapons also registered. Of course, that wouldn't stop people from being stupid or evil with the guns available to them, but it might serve to limit the possibilities and cut down on gun deaths - looking at various European countries and even Canada as examples. (In Canada we actually have a lot of guns, but most of them are of the hunting rifle variety, owned by people living in the countryside or people who go hunting. We have a vastly lower per capita rate of gun deaths.)
  14. We can make pretty good somtam here in Toronto - can get all the ingredients easily, even pla ra and the little crabs... we're only limited by our skill at making it. (Well, Sand's skill at making it LOL... although I'm not bad at making it for a farang.) What we make at home is the real thing, not like the stuff they serve in Thai restaurants here. BUT There's still absolutely nothing in this world like fresh, spicy somtam puu or tam lao from a good somtam maker in Thailand - whether it's in a restaurant or from a lady with a cart somewhere. Your photos make me drool.
  15. Didn't like it much at all. Also, Tobey is getting a little puffy to look like a superhero. We thought the first two were pretty good, but both gave thumbs down to #3.
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