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  1. There's been a lot of talk about cheese above. And cheese factories. I love cheese. If I could have my own onboard factory, that'd be awesome. But I think it might be difficult to go for a 4 or 5 year old cheddar - that's a long aging. Do you think the French have such a vast array of smelly, runny cheeses because they make them in the pants of uncircumsized Frenchmen? Think about that before you dig in to that camembert next time. --Ling
  2. "Just...you know how to tell the story, what?"
  3. Ha! My threat worked. Within moments ZBH wrote something. --Ling
  4. 228 members online. Yet for over half an hour not a single one of them has written a single bloody word in the forums for the purpose of amusing me. In fact they haven't written a single bloody word in the forums on any topic at all. What is your problem people? I'm tired, I've been up half the night finishing updates to a 1st year calculus booklet, and I demand to read something funny. Otherwise, I threaten to post all the prime numbers less than 1,000,000. --Ling
  5. Except Peterborough has too many Trent U. students. Peterborough must have one of the highest STD rates per capita of any place in Canada. I grew up in Pickering before it became a suburb, while it was still all farmer's fields, dope growing 8th graders, amateur car mechanics and retards. Now it's just ******* boring - glad I don't live there any more. --Ling
  6. ling_dtua_khaao

    Turn me on

    My favourite Diana Krall tune is Peel Me a Grape. I heard her sing it at the Senator upstairs before she became big, and her voice had that perfect slightly coarse sensuality. It really stuck in my mind and I became a fan.
  7. You're disparaging the National Haircut of Canada.War. --Ling You guys don't understand the mullet. The classic mullet is as un-metrosexual a haircut as can be imagined, and needs to be honoured. You poofters don't have what it takes to sport a mullet. Mullets to me mean little town Canada, hockey-playin', beer-swillin', five-cars-up-on-blocks-on-the-half-acre-front-lawn-fixin', rye-drinkin' good ol' boys who ain't never heard the term "metrosexual", let alone wearing a manbag or even cleaning their fingernails regular-like, and who only take shopping trips to Canadian Tire, the car wreckers,
  8. You're disparaging the National Haircut of Canada.War. --Ling "Im a lumberjack and I'm ok, I sleep all night and I work all day (He's a lumberjack and he's OK He sleeps all night and he works all day) I cut down trees, I eat my lunch I go to the lavat'ry On Wednesdays I go shopping And have buttered scones for tea (He cuts down trees...) (He's a lumberjack...) I cut down trees, I skip and jump I love to press wild flow'rs I put on women's clothing And hang around in bars (He cuts down trees...) (He's a lumberjack...) I cut down trees, I wear high heels Suspenders and a bra I wish I'd been a gi
  9. You're disparaging the National Haircut of Canada.War. --Ling
  10. That's a big surprise. Didn't even know he had cancer. That's sad he's died so young. He was talented. I remember his startup band when I was a teenager (and so was he), playing around locally. He got a little media attention because of his blindness, but not a lot. He went on to a successful career in rock, jazz and blues, and had even opened a restaurant. I guess I would have heard if I'd listened to Q107 longer than 5 minutes this morning.
  11. My dad's Thai sister-in-law lives there now with her Lebanese husband. After living in BKK, Beirut and Kuwait, they had to adjust to the life of endless boring residential suburbia. Then again, after living for 8 years through war in Beirut, only to move to Kuwait and then losing everything they had there when Saddam invaded (they escaped across Iraq into Jordan in their car), NC was something of a welcome relief. --Ling
  12. Not sure I can afford your sinsod.--Ling
  13. "sexiest person you will ever meet in your hole life" Freudian typo?
  14. TAURUS - PLAYFUL,KINKY,NAUGHTY... NEED I SAY MORE? (4/20-5/20) Very high sex appeal. Love is one of a kind. Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet! Entirely creative. Extremely random and proud of it. Freak. Spontaneous. Great at telling Stories. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out if it comes down to it. Someone you should hold on to. and tha sexiest person you will ever meet in your hole life. 12 years of bad luck if you do not repost. Then again, that's me exactly.
  15. Reading the title of this entry on the Community page: CANCER - MORE SEX TO GIVE I thought, "Wow! Seriously tasteless post!" and I got all excited to read it. But, it's just horoscopes. Ho hum.
  16. Don't believe everything you read on the web. --Ling
  17. I was thinking of you when I wrote my first post, but then decided, "Nah, he must be one of these grotty writer/film types, not interested enough in his clothes and his hygiene." Did I call it correctly? Hmmm, you made your own furniture. Perhaps there are degrees of metrosexuality. Jesus made his own furniture too, didn't he? AND he died a virgin. I wonder if he was queer. Owning cats is strictly for longevity reasons. --Ling
  18. No I really think they exist as their own ... er ... what to call it? Their own gender? Their own type of sexuality?Anyway, they're basically straight guys who wish they could be gay (but won't admit that). Since gayness is generally not something you choose but something that chooses you, they have to make do with adopting the habits they admire about gay men: the neat homes, the elaborate gardens, the good food, fashion and design sense, the impeccable personal hygiene: all the stereotypes. (Well, all the stereotypes for a certain kind of gay man: something like the successful gay urban prof
  19. ... is feminine hygiene products. All they talk about in the ads is freedom this and freedom that, and for a few dollars, you can even buy Freedom.On the topic, did you know there is a Museum of Menstruation? --Ling
  20. All too true. People have been saying that the world is going to hell in a handbasket for forever, and yet we never arrive. On the other hand, what is new I think is the sheer size and organization of 20th century bureaucracies. Technology has allowed for a new and frightening scope. The word totalitarian really doesn't apply before the 20th century. The potential for slaughter has increased also. There were massive slaughters in earlier times, but they tended to be spread out over long periods of time. World War II was just under 6 years long, and in that brief time fully 2% of the world's po
  21. Huh. It turns out you did, and my joke was actually the right answer. --Ling
  22. If you apply Goedel's Incompleteness Theorem when you're taking the axioms of your system to be "initial lies" (on some topic), it might be more correct to conclude that it's impossible to generate all possible lies from your given set of initial lies. There will always be room for creativity in lying about whatever it is you're lying about - not all lies you can come up with will be preordained by the lies you've started with. This should be taken as a positive result for those afraid that their future lies might all be predicted based on the lies they began with. In other words, there's hope
  23. Since you've posted this in "Sex & Relationships" I assume you're being euphemistic. Yes, such shows exist. Check out the upstairs bars on Patpong. --Ling
  24. Zeus you wanted to know about Lone Wolf and Cub. I have the entire manga (good English translation, the one by Dark Horse Comics I think) burned onto DVD if you want it. I can burn you a copy and mail it to you. Of course, you'll be reading it on screen and not in lovely paper form. As I don't doubt you know, it was also made into a series of six movies (got them also, poor quality, only worth watching on a computer screen), and later, a (live action) television series (got two of three seasons, also only good for watching on a small screen). I don't know that it's ever been made into anime -
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