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  1. moo_noy

    English Teacher Needed!

    yeah,but I call Korat home away from home.Bangkok is not my kind of town,I'm a country boy.
  2. moo_noy

    English Teacher Needed!

    Is it part time? like 3 hours a day? That is pretty low pay.
  3. I guess i have to re-think my holiday plans.Brazil maybe.I bet they have holiday girlfriends.
  4. moo_noy

    Nice car doors !

    wow that would be great for evicting unwanted passengers while on the fly
  5. if they are that big no one would notice what you were playing,or even care.
  6. bucket seats wow,but forgot the child restraints, in most countries the parents would be thrown in jail
  7. this is fake.i have seen atleast 7 different versions of this along with the photos that are not even related to the story
  8. i just have to ninja this and put it on my fb...with credit for sure.
  9. moo_noy

    Hello guys..

    Regent Home Condo Soi. 67/1 Phahonyothin Rd. Bangken,Bangkok 10220
  10. not i,ghosts are as real as the tooth fairy,Easter bunny,and god.
  11. if you know his wife's name.tell him you are going to ask her to tell him to stop bothering you
  12. moo_noy

    My spa work stories!

    or my old favorite
  13. why don't you do what makes you happy instead of what your friends think will.
  14. smart people stay home and live off the government
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