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  1. Maybe I should wait selling my TV, Puna, so I can still watch that series with you in it! :-) See you tomorrow!
  2. Catt bad mak mak! :-) Plum nice mak mak! :-)
  3. Sis : it's bAboe, not beboe :-) Thanks for organizing this!!! You're wonderful! And happy birthday again!!! BlueO : "Do good... get good"... So funny to hear that from you. Pretty hypocrite... I guess that means also "do bad... get bad"? I'm afraid your future looks pretty bad then...
  4. baboe


    Last pic so nice! Which one is the baby? :-)
  5. oh, this is so good! And so true! :-)
  6. baboe


    Read the wikipedia article on 'whaling' for more info about which countries are today still killing whales and why. Some killings are done by the Inuit groups in Canada/Greenland/... who traditionally live from whales. This I can understand. Other killings are pure economic/business... :-( This I absolutely cannot understand, living in 2007!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whaling
  7. baboe

    my new swimming suit

    nice butterfly swimming suit!
  8. I was the last TF person seeing him leaving Thailand when he went to Jakarta. We helped him on the airport when he lost his passport. And now he's gone... I'm speechless. This is horrible news!
  9. It's not what you think honey! I was just hungry... !!!
  10. Who told you that? There ARE naked pics on TF! copy/paste from my profile : ---------------- If you want to see a pic of my butt, check out my journal called "MY BUTT HURTS!!! - Paintball pics". THE ONLY NUDE PICTURE ON TF !!! What people say about it : . "UNacceptable!" . I never complimented any guy about his butt before. But man, you've got a nice one. . These pictures will become tf collector's items! . No hair on the butt . Nice ass... . If anyone could find a reason to post a butt picture without a mod rejecting it, it would be baboe ----------------- I'll make it easy for you and pos
  11. baboe

    Need Help....

    Unny, I spend a week in Kanchanaburi and I absolutely loved it. It's not too far from BKK, it's small, no tourists, ... They have a big lake with a beautiful old wooden bridge over it. I stayed on a 'living boat' on the lake. Got up in the morning watching the life on the lake, sleep a bit, relax a bit, jump in the water for a swim, read, talk with the villagers, go with the fishermen on the lake, go to the temple and talk with the monks, watch the people cross the bridge, ... Believe me, if you want a quite place to relax and to be alone, you cannot find something better. Send me PM if you wa
  12. No idea Ann, but can I send some of my dirty laundry to you? 8)
  13. I agree with above post! Furthermore, since I started working 9 years ago, I defined for myself what I consider as a 'good' job. These are my most important criteria (in random order) : . good atmosphere at work (nice colleages, good infrastructure, fun environment, ...) . good renumeration (above industry average) . being intellectually challenged and being able to work with cutting edge new technology Due to a long illness recently, I added a 4th criteria : . above 'human' behaviour of the company and a boss with a lot of empathy I find all these things in my current job/company. I know I ca
  14. When I was in Ko Lipe some months ago, I met one of the guys of the Dutch immigration office who deals with this kind of requests. He's based in Amsterdam and his job is to look at the applications and allow or reject them. We discussed a lot (our languages are the same) about immigration policies in Europe and he told me the Netherlands is one of the most tough countries to get into. So, maybe it's better to follow the advice of your friends and apply in any other Schengen country. Once you have the visa, you can travel around freely in all Schengen countries (majority of EU countries).
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