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  1. TRIPS magazine is really cool. Since there is always a place to discover or re-discover in "Amazing Thailand", this magazine gives some good piece of advice about features and places to visit. It's bilingual (Thai / English) and each issue is dealing with a province in particular. Really nice photos to get carried away, thinking about your next trip...
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    More, more, more ! ! !
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    9.) Goodfellas (Joe Pesci breaking balls)
  4. Ahem. Is that so difficult to find a third one...?
  5. In 2005, I met the woman I'm crazily in love with. (Nah, she's not the one on my profile's default picture! :shock:)
  6. Ok, I'm just wondering what does "tricks are for kids" actually mean? The first time I heard this expression was in the movie Kill Bill. O-ren Ishii: "Silly Rabbit". Beatrix Kiddo: "Tricks are for..." O-ren Ishii: "...kids" Then I heard it another time, but I don't remember where. Does anyone of you know if this quote has been drawn from somewhere and what is it about?
  7. Well,... you can kiss my smart ass!!!
  8. For those who won't be too drunk to carry their ass down there after Six Degrees, there will be a party going on @ Astra. Ced just received the invitation: BOO!!!
  9. Check it out!! http://www.insead.edu/
  10. Yeeehaaa! I got a new profile greeting too!!!
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