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  1. Alright folks,

    Right now, we are 20 TFers joining the "Let's eat Swiss cheese fondue" event on September 3rd.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    I'd like to call Cafe Swiss tomorrow afternoon to confirm them the booking and how many people will be joining.

    So, please confirm to me that you're indeed joining the event (try to do it by tomorrow noon).

    ...and for those who haven't signed up yet, hurry up !

  2. WiCKeDBiRD <quote>: "Dont walk/run for too fast....."

    You can also add: "and don't drink too much..." ;-)

    Oy: I think here at this rate of unlucky tribulations, It is not 7 times of good luck you're going to have after this, but ten thousand years!!

  3. Alright, for those who don't know what this is: it's a 'narghile', 'nargileh', 'sheesha', 'shisha'... or 'chicha'. Pick the one you prefer.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Anyway, this is an oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container where the smoke is cooled by passing through water. One of my friends brought himself one from Turkey with an incredible variety of flavored tobaccos: peach, guava, apple, cherry, cappucino, mint, toffee...As the tobacco mixture is smoked, it releases an aroma of caramelizing sugar, similar to that from a cotton candy machine.

    I have seen some in Thailand, most of them in oriental restaurants. But I'm just wondering whether it's possible to buy them somewhere?

  4. This is supposed to be an actual article in the Los Angeles Times some years ago.

    "In retrospect, lighting the match was my big mistake. But I was only trying to retrieve the gerbil." Eric Tomasewski told bemused doctors in the Severe Burns Unit of Salt Lake City Hospital. Tomaszewski, and his homosexual partner, Andrew "Kiki" Farnum, had been admitted for emergency treatment after a felching session had gone seriously wrong. "I pushed a cardboard tube up his rectum and slipped Raggot, our gerbil, in," he explained. "As usual, Kiki shouted out "Armageddon", my cue that he'd had enough. I tried to retrieve Raggot but he wouldn't come out again, so I peered into the tube and struck a match, thinking the light might attract him."

    At a hushed press conference, a hospital spokesman described what happened next. "The match ignited a pocket of intestinal gas and a flame shot out the tube, igniting Mr. Tomaszewski's hair and severely burning his face. It also set fire to the gerbil's fur and whiskers which in turn ignited a larger pocket of gas further up the intestine, propelling the rodent out like a cannonball."

    Tomaszewski suffered second degree burns and a broken nose from the impact of the gerbil, while Farnum suffered first and second degree burns to his anus and lower intestinal tract.

  5. In an extremely lazy family, the father, the mother and the daughter are arguing to decide who will wash the dishes. Well on that evening, the daughter?s boyfriend is invited for dinner. Therefore, there are more dishes than usual. To agree on who will wash the dishes tonight, the father has an idea:

    - Ok, here?s what we will do: the next one who talks will wash the dishes!

    The mother and the daughter nod their head in agreement. Outside, the boyfriend arrives on his old rusty bicycle that squeaks every time he rides it. He leans his bicycle on the wall and pushes the door.

    - Good evening everyone!

    A little surprised by such silence, he sits around the table next to his girlfriend. The mother serves the soup?

    - Your soup is delicious Ma?am!

    Still no answer. Anything he asks or says, nobody answers. Then, he has an idea to make them react: he puts his hand on his girlfriend?s leg. No reaction. He paws her breasts,?no reaction either. He says:

    - But,?this is unbelievable! What do I have to do??

    He makes the girl stand up, sits her on the table, lifts her skirt and starts to bang her. When he finishes, the girl sits back at the table and continues to eat. He explodes:

    - I can?t believe it! You are crazy people!

    Angry, he leaves the table, gets on his bicycle and rides back home. ?squeak-squeak-squeak?

    - These are crazy people! ?squeak-squeak?. I take their daughter on the table and they don?t say anything! ?squeak-squeak? Hey! I?m sure that if I had banged the mother, they wouldn?t have said anything either. ?squeak-squeak??The mother?? Off he goes, he turns and goes back, and ?squeak-squeak-squeak? he is back! He pushes the door, walks towards the mother, bends her on the table, lifts her dress and here we go again! Then he goes out laughing insanely?

    - "Squeak-squeak", what a family! "squeak-squeak", and this ******* bicycle that makes that unbearable noise! "squeak-squeak" I've had enough! I have to do something. This "squeak-squeak" drives me nuts! He turns and goes back to the family, pushes the door and:

    - Do you guys have some lubricant?

    Then, the father stands up: "OK...OK...I?ll wash the dishes".

  6. I am not completely sure about it, but there's about 90% chances that the first pic was taken at Place des Terreaux in Lyon, France. With these little fountains on the ground, it looks just like it.

    Oh, and...er... the 4th pic is very original by the way.

    Anyway thanks for your pics Neung, they cheer me up since today it particularly sucks ass at work!! :-(

    Nice week-end!

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