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  1. yeah cos three of us slept at the same room but diff kinda bed!
  2. this one, just like my bf and his cousin hahaha ******* annoying me!!!!
  3. hahahahahahaha im loving it
  4. went there last month and loadsa ppl there and i also had so much fun =) hope u had a good one!!!!
  5. Drowsy_Piaw

    my video proof lol

    yeah RIGHT!!
  6. Drowsy_Piaw

    my video proof lol

    thnx but urs is better!!
  7. Drowsy_Piaw

    my video proof lol

    nah not true, many thai girls have farang bf's, their english still sucks. it's me haha
  8. Drowsy_Piaw

    my video proof lol

    if ur english sucks so does mine!!!!
  9. Drowsy_Piaw

    my video proof lol

    it is not dude!!!! i had american accent before now i have like american and english mixed together :S
  10. Drowsy_Piaw

    my video proof lol

    i know ur not fake! and i dont like fake ppl so many on here... ps i like ur voice, so american hehe =)
  11. Drowsy_Piaw

    fullmoon party

    went there last month and been there already 5 times and my mate is goin there this month. its great last month =)
  12. Drowsy_Piaw

    Cold anyone?

    cold here in samui but i dont need blanket =D big hugssss
  13. happy bday bro in law hehe
  14. didnt know he got one!
  15. oh ok mistake lol but bottle of vodka still fine for me lol
  16. i dont want an emthy bottle no?
  17. @ wicked 3 bottles is so easy to drink it all i drink like 13 bottles a nite haha
  18. can i have a bottle of expensive wine???
  19. Drowsy_Piaw

    Big Day!

    have fun in phuket and hopefully to see you guys in april xD
  20. i thought it was a fullmoon party LOL nice pics anyway =)
  21. nice krathong mak mak sis! i've got no one to loy krathong with =( wish my bf here!
  22. for me is a walk to remember
  23. i cant stop crying, i'll remember phillippians words =)
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