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  1. Drowsy_Piaw
    Well it's friday and i have to meet up with sexy lovely sister and one of my lovers is goin away from Thailand soon. I just wanna say that 'i just wish her have  a safe flight to Belguim and hope she takes a good care of herself on abroad!' She is my good friend long time and i respect her like a sister. And i know Her bf will take a good care of her. He's sucha goodd bro! Well P'Anna i'll see you when you get back yeah? hmmmmmm when?lol seems like ur goin there for long time! (there is a pic below i dont really like, but i put it cos this is a pic from last year that i wrote a journal for ya hahaha yeah im lazy)  and i remember that i wrote same kind of journal on 21st 0f Dec 2007! hehe
  2. Drowsy_Piaw
    ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ (TV Show from UK) This is a blog by Andrew Drummond: Quote: Currently expats in Thailand are a little bit up in arms about a documentary series going to air in the UK over the next few weeks called ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ and it’s based on the activities of the British Thai Tourist Police Volunteers and what we commonly know in the British newspaper business as, well, ‘Brits in the ****’. And its taken two years to get off the ground. “This is going to be more salacious crap’. ‘It’s going to make Thailand look bad’. ‘It’s going to make us all look bad’. ‘Another nail in my coffin. My wife thinks I just come here for a golfing holiday’ These sort of comments are going up on expatriate internet forums. Does it do all that? Well it certainly makes some people look bad. It certainly makes some tourists, British and others, look profoundly stupid. But as for tourism, my guess is that young Brits having seen the series will be gagging to get here….and they are the film’s demographic! …’Thailand? Dull it isn’t ‘ should be the TAT’s new slogan. Of course that might sound all a bit like the famous Pattaya short-time bar owner, who after being exposed in a British Sunday newspaper put up a sign saying ‘Still just as sleazy as featured in the News of the World’. Seriously though, one can’t really get indignant at a series which reminds us of just how tourism has developed in Thailand. Actually the series, which goes out on the ‘Bravo Channel’ in the UK next week, is a first class presentation of many of the different facets of youth tourism in Thailand. And, as it is based on the British members of the Tourist Police Volunteers, we know which side we are going to see. It’s not going to be old grannies asking police for directions to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.  Continued: http://www.andrew-drummond.com/2009/...teers-exposed/    
  3. Drowsy_Piaw
    I've heard people said about 09.09.09 alot today and it's kinda annoyed me. are you gonna win big lottery? What do u think of 09.09.09? Is it really your lucky day or number?? for me i dont think it's special for me or anything. It's just another day for us to moving on and live our lives!!!
  4. Drowsy_Piaw
    Hello Tfers,How are you guys doing? Finally Im back on TF again since ive been away and busy... =D I lived in Koh Tao for 4 months with my boyfriend for his course, DIVE MASTER. When you finished all exams or things u to have to do to finish your dive master, you have to do your snorkeling test. You have to put your mask and snorkel and people with pure and a bucket of alcohol (this guy had has TEQUILA, VODKA, CONTROLL, RED SRY, RED LABEL, TIGET BEER AND CHANG BBER) I went for 3 tests. but i want to put this video, one of my boyfriend's friends has done it. and i will put my boyfriend's later. I just want you guys to enjoy this and feel sorry for DIVE MASTER hahahaha. This guy did pretty good tho. Here you go, check this out  
    This is after he did   Tell me what do you think about it??
  5. Drowsy_Piaw
    Hey people I'm gonna update something about me and my boyfriend for ya all. It made me sad and disappointed alots and i should not have hope!!! i talked to my boyfriend earlier and he said 'He wants to break up with me, no more chat or phone and he's not coming back to thailand' That made me sooooooooooo sad!!!! I was thinking what Im gonna do =(                                                  
    well those are opposite from what he has said  
  6. Drowsy_Piaw
    Hi all tfers I made this journal cos i wanna have u guys comment which is the most beautiful and nicest between 2 tattoos. It's gonna be my 1st tatt and the last one in my life so i just want the bestest one!!!! what do u guys think??? give me comment and i will all ur comments to consider =) Here Thank alot for all comments =) Drowsy_Piaw xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. Drowsy_Piaw
    Morning people =)Today is my one of my importan days cos it's my boyfriend's bday (Nathan.Archer) He turns 25 year old now. I wish we were together and celebrate his bday together but now he's in Bali still with his cousins. Anyway i just want u guys to wish him for his 25th year old bday.
  8. Drowsy_Piaw
    Hi guys!Last nite I got an email with the pics from my friend that we took on the 6th of March, 2009. I went to June's (ladyarwen) with a friend callled June as well. Then my friend from Khon Kaen called me to be a baby sitting so i just went to Sanam Pao BTS station to pick my nephew up. Then we went to swimming pool at June's and after that back to her room and have drinks!!! Romeo, my nephew was so naughty so June just gave him a sangsom and then he got drunk, he was jumping around us hahaha what a cute newphew!!! i got some pics of us that we spent time together! Romeo tried to do something, think let his crocodiles jump to the water ive got no ideas what are they trying to do haha June was trying to look after Romeo Girls were tired from catching Romeo while Romeo was crying cos no one didnt care about him cos he was sooooooo naughty what the heck were u doing, June??? Look like father and son??? haha June and Romeo Romeo after swimming!!! After Drinking hahaha Poor Romeo After we got to the hotel, Romeo slept like he's dead and snored very loud hahahahahahhahahahaha Ps. Thanks Johnny for the pics mate!!! =)
  9. Drowsy_Piaw
    Afternoon to u all =)I checked my email after i woke up, i saw an email from my boyfriend and he also wrote me very sweet and he did send me some photos as well. Now he's in Bali with his friend and cousins. He made me very happy girl today and think i can smile by myself alone today!! He's very sweet =) here are the pics that he sent me with his cousin, Todd
      I miss you two too <3 see you in 13 days =D
  10. Drowsy_Piaw
    Hey all =)Since i got back from Koh Samui, i just have a chance to go out and have fun with my friends in BKK. Last nite we went to KSR  and do some party =D Me and my friend (Aliz, new friend) were about to go together but finally we had 6 of us cos Joy (feel_so_good) brought some friends so thats whyWe went to my friend's bar and have a big bottle of 100 pipers, then we went to Shamrock for some live band i love it and we had a bottle of Jim Beam (Think Joy loves it) hahaha then we ended up at gullivers with SANGSOM hahahaThis is my 1st time that i go party with Joy, normally i always see her at some events and we didnt have serious talk, Last nite was fun! We talke like we are close to each other now. Joy is really good girl! and she's very nice. There are some pics from last nite they are not much tho cos we were busy with drinking soooooo 
                    ps, thanks to Sai (Aliz) for a bottle of 100pipers!!! =D  See you all next weekend dudes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. Drowsy_Piaw
    Im goin to be in bangkok tomorrow wooooooohoooooooo
    and gonna see my friend from England fight!


    hope you see guys sometimes =)
    Catch me up
    Then we go party hehe
  12. Drowsy_Piaw
    any wanna join with me? i have my tons of english (guys) friends are waiting for me there and i just take only 30 mins to get there! and i've got some english girls are with me so if u wanna join with us so PM me hehehe ;)see ya at Phangan Piaw 
  13. Drowsy_Piaw
    how are you all?? i havent been on TF much lately, beeen busy with my life. everything is alright here??
    i miss party with TFers loads cant wait to party with ya'll again now im out of BKK. might go back soon as i can =) if u guys miss me please send me PM or testi aightt??
    Misss ya all
    Best wishes
  14. Drowsy_Piaw
    I have choose my famous 6 dating sites which are i always get on dairy day. For me I'm addicted to Myspace the most i can say then facebook as you see the signs below. I just wanna know which one are you guys addicted the most.  
    Now I have almost 9000 comments and 44,524 profile views.  


          Cheeer for comments =)  
  15. Drowsy_Piaw
    well i got a question for my friend! I have a friend who is planing to visit her boyfriend in Denmark but she would like to know about the visa thing what does she has to do? and she also wanna talk to anyone who ever been there already! please PM me!!!! =)
     Thanks alot and Merry Christmas
  16. Drowsy_Piaw
    Why do the bells of Christmas ring?
    Why do little Children sing?
    Once a lovely shining star,
    Seen by shepherds from afar.
    Gently moved until its light
    Made a manager's cradle bright.
    There a  darling baby lay
    Pillowed soft upon the hay ;
    And its mother sang and smiled:
    "This is Christ, the holy Child!"
    Therefore little children sing. 
    Marry Christmas
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