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  1. was just browsing and saw you. whatsup.

  2. life is so complicate...

    aaaaa....I am going to finish B.A. soon. Time flies so fast.I have seen and learnt many things....Good and Bad side......especially in people and politics.I have good time with university friends.I still not ready to change my carrier and see the real world. I am happy to graduate, in the other hand I feel very nervous. My mom always keeps asking me what I am going to do after graduate, first I answer I will go to study abroad. Later my answer have changed by time, I want to do many things but I afraid to talk to her. I feel confuse time to time. Mom always suggest (little bit? control) me to do this, that and those. I felt little pressure on my future because my family expect from me alot and my sister always make them proud of her.Every night after school, I spent a lot of time to find what I want to do and plan my future. I never meet a clear answer. Life is very difficult to predict. I just do my best and live in the present. Tonight my parents called me for the opinion about adopting a three year old boy. They are just lonely while their two daughter study in BKK. They want someone to share some happy with. I am 100% agree with them. My dad wants to have boy and it will be good to keep my mom busy to take care little son. I used this time to talk to them what I want to do after graduate. I still not ready to be police or government employment. I am not sure about going to study in graduate school....it is very surprise when they said that I can do anything I want to do but make sure I will not ding dong around :S Life is so complicate...there is anyting can happen....we just need to communicate and understand and then it will be easier to live our life. Happy for us now
  3. im so lucky!!!!!!

    im so lucky to have good friend like CoolCruiser on the net. In cyber world i always meet people who always want more than be friend or speak something not good to me but i have good friends on the net too. CoolCruiser is differrent. i have known him more than 2 years before we have chat offen but since i went to study in bkk. i dont have much time to online same before but he still remember me and always make good thing to me although we never meet in real, talk on phone or sms only chat, he still remember me and always be good friend to me. on 15 Sep 2007 11:16 pm i recieved message that he up grade me to be premium membership. im so happy that he did that to me but my point is im so happy and lucky to have good people like him be my friend im lucky to meet and have him be my good friend and lucky that he is very kind to methank you my buddha and espacially thank you to CoolCruiser.